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Chemiko drives green growth with original technologies of PP and PLA Foam_Sheet

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Chemiko / CEO Hyosik Kim

Nobody would disagree that eco-friendliness is one of the most quoted words in the media today not only in South Korea but throughout the world. Many global companies take the issue of environmental pollution as a threat to the lives of living organisms on earth and protecting it is no more an option but a must. For this reason, many governments of the world are introducing tougher regulations alongside banning the use of polystyrene (PS) as it contributes greatly to environmental pollution; unlike polyethylene terephthalate (PET), PS has no value for recycling and is disposed mostly by incineration which pollutes the air and the ocean. 

 A total of 47 governments in the world currently have banned the use of PS as well as vinyl containers: and the number jumps to 64 if included regional bans. Nevertheless, PS is still being used for electronic goods and food containers due to attractive characteristics of heat reserving and flexibility. 

 Experts say that it takes 500 years for PS to be naturally decomposed. The history of PS only goes back to 100 years ago and it means the first PS product made by human is still lingering in some corners on earth. The reason industrialists still prefer PS is because there is no alternative to this highly insulating and flexible material yet despite it releases endocrine disruptor that contributes to pollution. And this is the reason that a Korean company Chemiko is in the center stage of attention.

Original technology that wows the world
 Chemiko is a company which makes Foam_Sheet without adding chemical foaming agents but only gas. The world’s first 25 time multiple physical foaming agent PP and PLA Sheet wows the industry specialists in the field and Chemiko has obtained a patent for coextrusion foaming facility production. 

Before this technology, the industry used PE & PS foaming facility which cannot make high powered PP & PLA foaming, except some companies which made up to 4 time multiple foaming by adding PET & PP chemical substances through ‘crosslink foaming’. The Chemiko’s ‘physical foaming’, on the other hand, is an eco-friendly foaming method and the company has obtained two patents for this original technology, and a number of utility patents are being in the process at the moment.

Unique techniques in PS alternative, car parts, eco-friendly buoys and consumer goods
 In 2015 and 2016, Chemiko registered patents for porosity coextrusion foaming original technologies followed by a completion of a 200kg/h mass production facility No.1 and test production of porosity coextrusion sheet in 2018, and a 400kg/h mass production facility No.2 of porosity coextrusion sheet in 2019; Chemiko now is set to sell Foam_Sheet. 

 Currently, Joeun Platech, which holds exclusive license for PLA of Chemiko, is carrying on installing the 400kg/h facility and is working on obtaining eco-friendly certificate before releasing the product. Chemiko, meanwhile, has received a letter of purchase intent for a ‘convenient HMR container production company & car 1 vendor’ and is working on Original Equipment Manufacturing (Made to Order). The letter of purchase intent is valued around 140 billion won (117 million US dollars) and the volume is expected to increase through the car 1 vendor and technology application meetings.

 The Made to Order is processed as follows: 1) receiving R&D from client 2) suggesting applicable products (and/or technologies) 3) customizing 4) signing for Made to Order 5) securing production facility and producing 6) delivery and selling. 

 “The reason we make most of the Made to Order advantages is because it benefits both the producer and the client through mapping out of the strategic production plan that can save the cost of inventory and operation to distribution which eventually lead to reduction in overall production cost” explains CEO Hyosik Kim. 

 With confidence in its accumulated knowledge and knowhow alongside wowing original technologies, Chemiko is targeting to draw 200 billion won sales by 2022; Chemiko has already secured reserved sales of 140 billion won stated on the letter of purchase intent. 

Chemiko’s unique characteristics of PP and PLA press-out foaminess
Low intrinsic viscosity and melt strength which makes foaming achievement weak
Crystallization, unlike PS, makes the window narrow and particular in the foaming process
Core facility plan and production condition information optimized for foaming are required
Differentiated knowhow to raise melt strength is required
The technology that can highly multiply PP and PLA is uniquely reserved by Chemiko

Product line
Disposable package : eco-friendly high functional PP containers as alternative to PS and paper containers
Safe use on microwave
High drainage foaming to reduce unit price 
No microplastic, find dust and air pollution

Food package material market is estimated around 439 trillion won (367 billion US dollars) as of 2020 (source: Technavio, Global Food Packaging Market)

Car parts : ultra-light, competitive unit price, improved fuel efficiency and non-pollutant foaming PP material
Roofline foam: insulation, soundproof and sound-absorbing
Trunk liner and wheel guard foam: soundproof and sound-absorbing on driving
Air duct foam: preventing dew condensation and keeping energy
Reusable eco-friendly material

Light material car parts market is predicted around 26 trillion won (21 billion US dollars) as of 2022 (source: KPM Economic Research Institute, Issue Monitor No.96, 2018)

It is a global trend that companies must use alternative to PS if there is or companies are responsible to plan out for reduction if there is not. Also, PS-based imported goods get higher environmental tax. 

Leading the new era for eco-friendly 21st century materials with cutting edge technologies
 ‘Integral PP buoy for marine aquaculture’ is a new market for CEO Kim to pioneer. The existing PS materials used for buoys are vulnerable and turned into microplastic. The Chemiko’s ‘integral PP buoy’, on the other hand, is solid and heat-resistant and it does not produce microplastic. 

It is notable that the existing eco-friendly buoy made with PP injection moulding with cylinder and air rod by the Ministry of Environment is very expensive and not practical which is the reason for many fishermen not using it.

 Chemiko is a company with commitment to leading the new era for eco-friendly 21st century materials with cutting edge technologies under the slogan ‘Eco Green Trust 3.0’.


拥ʦPPPLA Foam_Sheet术


将环值“Green Value”为课题 

Ϲ经济将环值“Green Value”为课题这经济领洡󮣬产业ݻ门Դ开发ʦ发环污种产ڶ⡣紧PS产关键还没够PSPS产广应电产装ѩ车养ݩ标类ʫ众领洡  

񻣩CHEMICO确PPPLA树ʥ学发剂,气体产“FOAM_SHEET”ڪ发(ʭ桥)۰“挤·发设备_术专”ͣ߾产约25ڪ发PP PLA Sheet实现这ͣ߾ڱ专术现PE&PS发设备 ʦ实PP&PLA发ܡ极数业ʥ学ڪ质[ʭ桥发]产3~4数发PET & PP产񻣩CHEMICOڪ发[ʭ桥]۰ҡڪ发۰产ͳ£ʦ优亲环发术񻣩CHEMICO现册与关2个术专ף请项实专ף实册审查


񻣩CHEMICO标场PS场ѩ车环ݩ标费场Ϲ场规ټ估计约达100ز亿韩ꪡ从开发现状߾来ף2015~6Ҵ开发“挤发”术术专册2018Ҵ“挤发Sheet 产设备1号200kg/h试产结”2019Ҵ“挤发sheet产设备2号400kg/h”结 “foam_sheet”销售备¡

从现应来ף񻣩CHEMICO术拥PLA领国内垄断许ʦܣ񻣩PLATECH设400kg/h设备产߾进亲环绿认证󦣬񻣩CHEMICO“ңHMR业ѩ车销售”优购买书进订单产(Make To Order)PP领户优购书现达1,400亿韩规ټ过ѩ车1术应会议将ʥ

- ͳMelt Strength(体˭)发较尡
- 与PSң现结发窗Ϣު难¡
- 发关键设备设计产条关ӡ
- Melt Strength专业识


❶ 1装 : 应ʦPS纸“亲环PP” 
- ڰ炉进饪时˭
- 数发ܣ节约
- ڰأ气污尘环护
- Ϲ环胁业态ͧ统护

❷ ѩ车 : “轻节约⡢㡢气污”发PP  
- 环ηFOAM温ҡ塢
- 衬졢挡FOAM驶
- ڪ发[ʭ桥]ʥѩ车时ʦ亲环 
- [߲ KPM经济研ϼ ISSUE MONITOR 96号2018]

“继续开发领纪术 ”

对ECO GREEN TRUST3.0时负发Գ“们让񻣩CHEMICO术够类ʦ续֣广应种领洡现񻣩CHEMICO将继续开发领纪清洁发[CDM]传创术为护们并׺给孙ˬϹ继续术开发与ʫڱ来长动”

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