Natural fermented vinegar might drive your lifespan longer and healthier

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▲ Golden Range Fermentation / CEO Gyeongnam Jo, Team Leader Eunsae Jo

It is no doubt that fermented food is good for our body such as bean paste, fast-fermented bean paste, soy bean and kimchi, etc. Recently, fermented vinegar is taking the center stage of attention in health food market for it is known as good as fermented food. The stinging sourness has been added to many foods to liven up the flavor. The grain and fruit based fermented vinegar in particular is excellent to any food and Golden Range Fermentation Co is one of the specialists in the making. 

CEO Jo majored in western painting and ran a private art institute after graduation but moved with her family to Jungsanri, Jiri Mountain 20 years ago to run a restaurant and a pension. She used fermented vinegar made with persimmon for the food cooked and also gave guests as a gift. Seeing guests surprised by the taste, she developed her fermented vinegar making into a business and eventually established Golden Range Fermentation Co. 

“Vinegar is an excellent antioxidant which removes oxide that is one of the causes of bad health. Vinegar also contains organic acid, citric acid, amino acid and glucosan that also play antioxidant as proved in many research papers home and abroad” says Jo.

Currently, 11 kinds of fermented vinegars are sold at Golden Range Fermentation: ginger, aronia, schizandra, apple, pineapple, banana, mulberry, angelica root, etc. 

“Jungsanri has a perfect climate to ferment vinegar and it is one of the reasons that our vinegars taste excellent.”

Seeing the business is well on the track, she called up her daughter who was working in the coffee business in Seoul to help her out which she agreed. She especially contributed to the design of bottles in addition to the making. 

A Korean ancient medicine book Dongui Bogam records vinegar removes tumor, abscess, dizziness, sore throat and detoxes. Vinegar also is known to improve immunity and recover fatigue and prevent cancer. Some argues that vinegar is the oldest food which goes back to 5,000 years ago of Babylonians who used it as a preservative and a condiment while Cleopatra also enjoyed a vinegar bath to keep her white jade skin. 

“To make good vinegars, you must have patience alongside good natural ingredients. You have to wait until the microorganisms have done their job. It takes from a few months to a few years to make a good vinegar.”

In this age of homo-hundred, you might want to add fermented vinegar to your healthy food list.


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