Red brick construction veteran takes responsibility for safety of red brick buildings in South Korea

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▲ Mojeon Industry / CEO Wansup Lee

Last May, one side of the wall of the Busan National University gallery collapsed and a cleaner was crushed to death. Experts pointed out the corrosion of the iron wires that connected outer walls to inner walls as well as the use of nonstandard mortar as the cause of the collapse. The building is only 26 years old and is not due for precision safety diagnosis which is required for buildings for more than 30 years old. 

Most buildings built between 1970 and 2000 in South Korea are red brick-based of which many of them are not earthquake-resistant. According to a report in the year 2016, only 475,335 buildings (6.9%) out of all 6,939,913 buildings in South Korea are earthquake-proof. Buildings with no seismic design are vulnerable to earthquake, strong wind and storms. 

Especially the empty space between outer walls and inner walls made with red bricks are highly problematic. Because they are linked with thin iron wires, they are easily corroded as time goes by as the walls become weak. 

“South Korea’s rapid economic growth created a side effect such as poor construction without proper technology verification systems. As we have seen through years, the Seongsu Bridge and the notorious Sampoong department store were collapsed to name two good examples” says Wansup Lee, CEO of Mojeon Industry, specialized in red brick construction, repair and reinforcement.

Lee says that the collapse of walls does not have pre-signing like earthquake in most cases. Thus introduced by Mojeon Industry is ‘Fix Holder Method’ which secured safety, economy, speed and strength. This is the result of Mojeon Industry’s years of expertise in diagnosis, repair and reinforcement for red brick buildings. 

Specialists of Mojeon Industry checks the status of bricks with thermal imaging camera followed by how old the building is and how much the building loses the heat before carrying out the repair and reinforcement application of its innovative Hi-fix and Neopolrete; the Fix Holder Method. 

Hi-fix holds outer walls and inner walls strong and firm by pressing in. After the pressing in, insulators fill the empty gap between outer walls and inners walls to keep the heat. In other words, the method prevents collapse of the walls and promotes insulation as well as easy repair and reinforcement of existing buildings. Fix Holder Method can be applied to any types of buildings from brick and block to concrete and wood. 

CEO Lee is a veteran red brick constructor whose experience goes well beyond 20 years. He has taken part in repair and reinforcement works of 850 buildings including Myeongdong Cathedral, Wonhyoro Cathedral and Seodaemun Prison. 

Mojeon Industry’s Fix Holder Method is received as better than those in Europe. Encouraged by this, CEO Lee has built nationwide network to carry out responsible construction works and is ambitious to pioneer overseas market in earnest in the coming years. 

“Our Triangle Axis Fix alongside Fix Holder Method will set up a milestone in the field of red brick building construction, repair and reinforcement. I and my staff are confident in what we have achieved so far and determined to spread our excellent technologies to the world” says Lee. 

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