Heritage of Korean Independence pushes forward its driving force on the occasion of 100th anniversary of the March 1st Movement

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▲ President Wonwoong Kim

Korea must gather its strength against Japan’s economic retaliation
This year marks the 100th birthday of the March 1st Movement and the Heritage of Korean Independence is carrying our vigorous engagements home and abroad. The organization’s president Wonwoong Kim paid a visit to Chinese Embassy in Seoul on 21st August and shared opinions on exchange between offspring of anti-Japanese fighters with Ambassador Qui Guohong. 

Kim complimented Qui for contributing to the recovering project of the general headquarters of the Korean liberation army in Chongqing. Qui answered China and Korea were both the victims of the colonial Japan and we must work together to make the history right. At the end of the meeting, Kim and Qui agreed to activate the exchange between offspring of the anti-Japanese fighters of both countries.

On 29th August, the Heritage of Korean Independence held a press conference at the National Assembly building on the occasion of the 109th Japan-Korea Treaty of 1910. An official of the organization denounced the Japan for causing the division of the Korean Peninsula and the Korean War and the recent economic retaliation, emphasizing that Abe was but the main energy of Koreans, suggesting a consolidation of the Korean people and endeavor for unification. 

Some of the notable attendees were: Independence Patriots Family Association president Samyeol Kim, Patriots and Veterans Minister Samduck Park, Democratic Party leader Haechan Lee, Justice Party lawmaker Sangjung Sim, National Assembly Speaker Syekyun Chung and Democratic Party lawmaker Hoon Sul. 

On 31st August, Kim with 6 lawmakers paid a visit to Dok Island. They were briefed from the head of Dok Island Guard about the current conditions of the island, paid a respect to policemen who died on duty, encouraged the guard and had lunch, saying “keeping Dok Island is keeping South Korea” by Kim, “Japan’s recent economic retaliation is equivalent to the invasion 109 years ago so we must gather our strength one more time” by law maker Hoon Sul. 

Signing business agreement with KNA
The Heritage of Korean Independence signed a business agreement with the Korea National Arboretum on 4th September at the head office of the organization to promote livelihood of offspring of independence activists through forestry activity program and forestry information and cooperation as well as training programs.

Kim said that the agreement would heal the independence patriots and their families from the scars and promote forestry cooperation between the South and the North. 

Korea National Arboretum chief Jaehyun Kim said that it was an honor for the Korea National Arboretum to play a role to help those who fought for the country, adding that he visited the North on the occasion of the summit and would like to work together to related organizations to recover the devastated forests in the North.

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