Knowing ourselves through mediation cures wounds

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Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing their mind on a particular object, thought or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.The Gwaneum Meditation Center Director Myeongjin says that it is important for people to look on their life and contemplate how they can lead a happy life through meditation. Below is Q & A with Myeongjin.

Q. Tell us about yourself.

A. Gwaneum Meditation for me is a closer form of mediation than mudra meditation. For Buddhists, ‘chunsuchunan gwanseumbosal’is a mother-like existence. In other words, she sees the world and saves the world. For the same reason, I expanded the scope of the former ‘light healing mediation’ to the current Gwaneum Meditation to cure people’s mind and heart.

Q. Tell us more about Gwaneum Mediation.

A. Mediation starts at seeing myself. Gwaneum Meditation means to see and to listen. So it helps you to see yourself, listen to your inner sound and to your wants. Many problems can be solved through this Gwaneum Meditation process as you know better and more about yourself.

Q. What is the difference between mediation and yoga?

A. Mediation is a tool for you to reach the nirvana. You let go of the things that have pained you through meditation which is better done on a daily basis. Yoga also is similar to meditation. The movements of yoga are linked to the universe and it delivers energy of light. The light then becomes one with oneself and this is the point where one gets enlightened.

Q. So Gwaneum Mediation is an advanced form of mudra mediation?

A. It is. Mudra lets us to see ourselves while Gwaneum lets us closer to our inner soul especially when we are struggling. Whichever it is, however,accepting oneself as oneself is most important. Currently, I’m planning to run a one day meditation course at Dume Hyangki in Yangpyeong County for busy city dwellers.

Q. What is the effect of meditation?

A. It heals the wound. Open your heart so that you receive a lot of changes. Every single movement of my fingers and hands has its own meaning and removing the pain through the light of the universe. Some of my trainees who suffered from severe stress were healed after meditation under the instruction of me. In the mediation point of view, there are two kinds of diseases: possessed and inner darkness. And the cure is the light which can be gained through effective mediation.

▲ Gwaneum Meditation Center / Director Myeongjin

Q. How can we overcome depression?

A. Finding the cause of depression is more effective to solve the problem. You can overcome because you now know the cause. I help them to find the cause of their depression through meditation. In other words, to help them see their inner side. Again, the light removes depression like it removes darkness. And the light is gained through meditation.


Q. Lastly, would like to give a tip of two for us?

A. The horrendous crimes that cover the newspaper nowadays fundamentallyare about the problems of the mind. So healing our inner side is very important. If they were healed mentally and comforted heartedly at first hand, they would not have committed such terrible crimes. So I highly recommend you to do meditation to know more about yourself.

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