Human resources training is the key to cooperation: Jeong Ha Rin CS Image

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▲ Jeong Ha Rin CS Image / CEO Jeong Ha-rin

Human resources probably are the most important element of running a business. Who to hire, where to position them and how to manage them greatly affect the overall business to considerable levels. Equally important is a continuous training and upgrade of employees over one-off training. This is the point where specialist instructors are required. 

Jeong Ha-rin, CEO of Jeong Ha Rin CS Image, has years of experience training employees of companies for work relations, service mind and organizational culture. Recently, the government made it compulsory for all companies to carry out workplace bully education and training. 

“It is more important for companies spontaneously carry out the training than the government makes it compulsory. Because it benefits not the government but the companies themselves in terms of smooth management and administration as well as cooperation between the departments which eventually will lead to increase of sales” explains Jeong.

It is notable that a hospital after successfully finishing the training course of Jeong saw a surprise increase of sales by double within 3 months. Also Jeong has drawn substantial results with her unique workshop and team play programs at numerous companies. 

“Communication between the staff is the key to settle down many issues occur during the work. Without communication, it is really hard for employees of different roles and departments to draw good cooperation and results. So my job is to show them and train them how they can better communicate each other.”

Alongside her vigorous engagement in human resources training, Jeong is pouring her passion in fostering talented future trainers. It is such an achievement that Jeong already has seen the 10th group of his pupils successfully finishing the course and it is such as delight to see them actively being engaged in the field as a trainer; some of them are now partners of Jeong Ha Rin CS Image. 

At Jeong Ha Rin CS Image, students in a group of up to 6 are given intensive lessons to secure professionalism and competitiveness in the field. A CS instructor certificate is given to those who successfully finish the course alongside an opportunity to practice their technique in field instructions programs. 

“It takes a good personality to be a successful instructor. Because bad personality ruins everything you have built no matter how good your instructions are. Education is a change; changing people, their thoughts, their behavior, their vision and their way to communicate, etc,. Therefore, instructors must have this sense of responsibility that their personality and the contents of instructions can significant impact the trainees.”


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