There is no medicine like water: atomic hydrogen water

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Recent researches seem to stick to the belief that removing active oxygen in our body can prevent 90% diseases. Thus developed and released on the market are hydrogen water generators. A joint research team of the NASA and University of Pittsburgh, in fact, reported that hydrogen water can be effective to reduce oxidation stress of astronauts caused by radiation. It is notable that in Japan hydrogen water takes 10% of the whole drinking water market. In South Korea, a company called Sky Dream Company developed the world’s first ‘filter-type atomic hydrogen water generator’ and obtained a patent.

The proved effect of atomic hydrogen water

Hydrogen water is called the miraculous water that saves lives. Hydrogen is an element that takes 75% of the whole mass of the universe and it is colorless, tasteless and odorless. “Atomic hydrogen water is water that has hydrogen which is occluded within the minerals. It selectively returns active oxygen, which oxidizes our body and causes various diseases. Specialists say that ‘hydrooxyl radical’ among the active oxygen is the most fierce attacker and it damages DNA by oxidizing cell matters resulting in face wrinkle, hair loss, gray hair, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, allergy and skin trouble. So the 5 functions of hydrogen water are: detoxing, strengthening immunity, improved metabolism, body balance and purification of blood vessels”explains Moon Sung-woo, CEO of Sky Dream Company.

The importance and medical effect of hydrogen water have been revealed by more than 200 papers published on Nature Medicine and The Times. The papers tell us that the water with rich hydrogen means H20 is melted with H and more than 20 kinds of hydrogen atoms prevent diseases and symptoms, by tests.

A Japanese professor Sigeo Ota once proved that hydrogen water prevents memory loss at a test on 10 mice for 6 weeks of which those that drank hydrogen water showed higher level of memory than those not. Another test on 38 stroke patients proved that hydrogen solution is safe and showed anti-oxidation; also a test on 17 Parkinson’s disease patients prove that those who drank hydrogen water showed improvement than those did not.


“Clinical research and tests of hydrogen water in the world showed that it improves symptoms of 67 kinds of diseases and one might not be able to imagine the unlimited potential of hydrogen water” says Moon. SKY DREAM WATER (S.D.W) of Sky Dream Company generates hydrogen water via four stages: pre-processing precipitation filter –UF membrane filter –atomic hydrogen water complex filter –hydrogencompression filter. The complex filter consisted of ‘functional alkalescence hydrogen water black carbon’ generates ORP-400mv ~ 650mv, and up to 1300ppb ~ 1600ppb of atomic hydrogen water contents. Also, the hydrogen compression filter is consisted of hydrogen water amplification compression system and black carbon so that it keeps hydrogen water in the water particles longer and helps fast absorbing by reducing the size of the particles.

The most popular atomic hydrogen water generator model of Sky Dream Company is SDW. While the existing molecular hydrogen water generators on the market are useless as hydrogen evaporates the moment the water flows, SDW saves hydrogen up to 20 days while 100% minerals are intact.


Value of atomic hydrogen water

Atomic hydrogen water generators have more than 500 returning power and obtained a number of patents for function, dissolve and lime removing filter. They do not create O3, have 1,300~1,500ppbdissolved hydrogen water, and remove microorganisms and toxic substances. In other words, they function as purifier, ion water, alkalescence and hydrogen water. “Our atomic hydrogen water generators are being exported to the US, Canada, China, Europe, the Middle East, Vietnam and Thailand at the moment. With our excellent and accumulated technology, we will push forward the globalization of our innovative products.”

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