Pacep leads timber industry with cutting edge MAMA-2.0

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▲ Pacep / CEO Kim Hyun-seung

Timber undoubtedly is one of the most eco-friendly housing materials. But at the same time, it is easily affected by climate and creates costs to businessmen for drying and sterilization process. 

Established in 2015, Pacep has built strong presence in the fields of energy and environment and contributed to advancement of eco-friendly wood materials by making the most of its plasma technology. MAMA-2.0, a brainchild of Pacep, is an eco-friendly timber drying and sterilization device loaded with cutting edge microwave technology. The invention was recognized by the Korea Forestry Promotion Institute and chosen for the 2018 Intellectual Property Application Project. 

A felling process creates a considerable amount of waste through incineration and fumigation. Bursaphelenchus xylophilus – pine tree disease – which is occurring nationwide also is a problem. The Korea Forest Service has launched a number of preventive measures but in vain. In fact, there is no solution for extermination yet but cutting off the courses of the spreading by the methods of felling of the affected or fumigation. 

Unlike the existing drying methods, MAMA-2.0 projects and heats the microwave deep into the timber to reduce cracked tie and to rapidly dry up the moisture resulting in improved quality, cheaper processing and effective sterilization. Also, MAMA-2.0 has modularized front and assemblable and separable. In addition, the sterilization function of MAMA-2.0 can be used from agricultural products to laundry and more. 

Yeongwol Korean Village
Yeongwol County in Gwangwon Province is building Yeongwol Korean Village by investing 130 billion won. The building is led by K-Culture which is responsible to complete the village by 2025. This will-be-the largest Korean village in South Korea will embrace Korean traditional house hotels, culture and art activity facilities and K-Wave contents. 

And Pacep is supplying MAMA-2.0 as well as timbers (drying and processing of large poles) for building Korean houses there. “We also signed a MOU with a timber processing machine maker which is carrying on the recovery work of Nagoya Castle, and we will send improved module of MAMA-2.0 this August while the frames and bodies are made according to the need of the local. Despite the cold air floating between South Korea and Japan, the official of our Japanese partner still want technology exchanges alongside co-development which is encouraging” says Kim Hyun-seung, CEO of Pacep. 

Advanced eco-friendly timber processing projects
Pacep is planning to build a large timber drying and processing factory on a 11,850㎡ land in Yeongwol. “The advanced eco-friendly timber processing business will be a new blue ocean as people’s awareness on health is fast changing. For this, we are soon introducing automatic timber trimming machines which will be more economic. We’ve started building already and the factory is to be completed by early next year.”

Plasma equals Pacep
Recently, Pacep has obtained patents for air pressure plasma surface treatment equipment loaded with sterilization and cleansing functions, and also for sterilization equipment and method that kills germs by specific heat generated by microwave. As a result, Pacep has so far obtained 3 patents, and applied for 3 patents, 2 PCT and 5 trade marks, and a registration of a design. 

“I and my team are not profit-driven. We are a team of professional mind who wants to make a contribution to competitiveness of Korean timber industry through cutting edge technologies, ideas and implementation. We are particularly focusing on plasma technology-driven machines so that people just recollect Pacep when hearing the word plasma.” 


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