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▲ The Public Sharing / Director Hyunggyu Myaeng

Hyunggyu Myaeng is the director of the charity organization Public Sharing who once served as Minister of the Interior and Safety. He is known to be a man of the field and of transparency. He served the country as a lawmaker for 3 times and as a minister and a Presidential Special Adviser for State Affairs. 

He is the one who took the leading role to build the national bicycle route, and to initiate the electronic anklet to sex offenders, and to win the best electric government among 193 member countries of the UN at the electronic government appraisal in 2010 and 2012.

The Public Sharing is a charity organization of retired public servants. It provides free services for talent donation, policy and management consulting and overseas channeling in cooperation with various local governments. 

When foot-and-mouth disease hit South Korea in 2011, he took the steering wheel to drive it out promptly as the head of the countermeasure headquarters. Back then South Korea was a foot-and-mouth disease free nation. Witnessing thousands of cattle died and buried, Myaeng urged the then president to import vaccine from overseas as soon as possible to minimize the effect and to prevent the future occurring. 

As an open-minded minister, he listened to the Civil Service Union and improved their work environment and efficiency by putting them into action. During his service as minister, he also linked the South Korea’s four major rivers Han River, Geum River, Yeongsan River and Nakdong River with the national bicycle route crisscrossed the east to the west and the south to the north. 

“As a politician and an administrator, it has always been my principle not to do anything shameful. And I think I’ve kept that very well so far and I will for the rest of my life. 

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