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▲ Metro Business Center / CEO Myeongwoo Lee

Nexsustech is a public wi-fi specialist. WP is an energy specialist. Samdo Environment is a cattle stink remover. Ssera and Mom is a handmade baby food specialist. They are all chosen as excellent cases of one man business approved by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in 2018. Witnessing the increasing number of one man businesses in South Korea, the ministry introduced support plans in 2009 through subsidy. However, the government-led support is not sufficient for many one man businesses in the field. So the private-led centers and organizations are offering various package services. 

Metro Business Center offers optimum office space and work environment with cutting edge office equipment and down-to-earth management system. First opened at Seogyo-dong in July 2002, the center has steadily expanded to Yeoksam in 2003, Bundang in 2004, Jongno and Gangnam 2005, Daerim 2008, Guro, Sinsa and Yeouido 2009, Gangbyeon 2010 and Migeum 2011. It was 2013 that the head office was relocated to Sina. 

“Ideas are vital for business. And an optimum business environment backs up this vital. This is our idea and this is what we do. Whether it is a venture, trade, IT, travel, branch or freelancer, Metro Business Center always is a helpful and supportive business partner of one man businessmen” says Lee. 

The center is designated as a private one man business center from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and the Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development. At the center, you are provided with a private office, communal meeting room and customized services for accounting, tax, law, investment, training, network and periodicals. 

However, the government’s recent expansion of the office spaces to public centers has reduced the subsidy that covered around 50% of the rent on private centers to 25%. Naturally, one man businessmen are relocating their base to public centers while private centers are suffering from financial difficulty. 

So the private one man business center managements are urging the government to bring up measures that can benefit both the centers and one man businessmen. 


Pignic is an innovation in the livestock industry

Dronic is a venture established in July 2017. Based on manless IoT services, the company has built eco-friendly cattle sheds and agricultural raw materials. Dronic developed Pignic in cooperation with Chungbuk National University. Pignic is a fodder additive that prevents agricultural diseases. It automatically spays naturally made antibiotics in 360 degree rotation in and out of the cattle shed and farmers can use a drone if the shed is big. 

Jisun Ahn, a researcher of the Chungbuk National University stock breeding lab, has confidence that the use of the natural antibiotics made of huttuynia cordata and minerals can propel the development of the livestock industry. 

Currently, Dronic is working on singing MOU with companies in China and Uzbekistan for export and is planning to push forward its global ambition in earnest by joining the 2019 Korea-Russia Agriculture Forum. 


LINE PUTT for ideal lie angle

Putting is a golf stroke used with a club called a putter when you are on or just off the green. When practicing putting, building a sense of distance comes very important. There are some mats and digital devices that help golfers give direct stroke. But drawing an ideal putting line is more important than giving a direct stroke if the golfer wants to put the ball in the hole. 

Having a deep understanding on this, Jaewook Lee, CEO of Durian Golf, launched a development of a ‘lie angle adjuster’. Thus introduced was LINE PUTT released last April. The idea was to adopt a sloped disk for rotation to realize four directional slopes. If you press the button on LINE PUTT, it adjusts lie angle in 360 degree alongside offering various putting lines as if you are on the field. 

Lee built his knowledge and experience while working for Golf Zone. Seeing a great growth potential of the golf market in South Korea, he became sure he could made a success through niche market as long as he had brilliant ideas and technique to execute. 

Having succeeded development of LINE PUTT, he made entrance to Naver Shopping this April and is sweeping a pleasure sum of sales at the moment with positive customer reviews. 


“We contribute to development of Korean system software”

Coding Power Plant is a startup established as a corporation in April 2016 and listed its name in the 300 of K-Global in December the same year. The company is specialized in optimization of software performance such as operating systems, compilers and various utilities. 

“The goal of Coding Power Plant is to make better and smarter compilers and development tools with Korean technologies. We are specifically working on improving S/W performance with assembly languages and by optimizing various open sources” explains Heedu Kim, CEO of Coding Power Plant.

Some of the works Coding Power Plant is proactively engaging in are OS performance optimization, improvement of Fisheye algorithm, reduction of black box battery discharge, 20% increase of booting speed in Android, and 2 to 8 times processing speed improvement of OpenCV and Tensorflow. The heterogeneous computing technology, which uses CPU, GPU and DSP, in particular, can maximize the performance according to Kim.

“Coding Power Plant has a strong sense of duty to make contributions to development of Korean system software. We provide our expertise in the field to those who need ‘software optimization’ and we will keep doing our best to bring better and smarter solutions to the field.”


BIBO is the new coin box for children to save their money and to make a donation

Pledo is a startup which introduced a free smart coin box for children to uses anytime anywhere. The smart coin box called BIBO is designed to educate children about economy. Children can download the app onto any smart device to learn what economy is about and how it works through various programs. Children who finished the course can receive a certificate of finish at the end.

The difference between BIBO and analogue coin box is that the former gives rewards the moment children put their money in. This motivates children to save more with daily or weekly or monthly target. The part time job menu of BIBO also encourages them to earn money by doing cleaning home or helping their parents.

Seeing the brilliance of Pledo, Shinhan Financial Group has appointed this company as its nurturing venture business. Shinhan is working on the idea that the bank transfers money saved by children to their parents’ account. Naturally, a number of insurance companies also are showing interest in the app with possibility of connecting their services to the app. Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance took the initiative to inhouse BIBO onto their shop. 

Taking the momentum, Gwansuk Kim, CEO of Pledo, is expanding the cooperation scope to distribution and educational institutes in addition to banks and insurance companies. He points out one last advantage of using BIBO is that children can make donation within the app. He said that it could improve children’s awareness on the value of sharing what we have with others or with people in need in a way to make our society better and warmer. 

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