“The biggest failure is doing nothing.”

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▲ Gross / CEO Jone Maynard, Ko

Why do people have second job or do something to earn extra money? Many reasons are there. But when it comes to Koreans, not many people disagree that they have to because they are not earning enough money with current job to buy a house or to save for their retired life. As for the methods, real estate and stock trading are the two most common fields to make extra money.

The problem is that most people are rather losing their money in the games because they do not have proper knowledge and experience but only hope and dream. If there are losers, however, there also are winners. Some stock traders are doing well with more knowledge and experience and they seem to be turning their eyes to overseas market nowadays due to poor return in domestic market at the moment.

“Making a reasonable return in the domestic market is really hard. And there are many dangers hidden here and there. So called economic forecasts and indicators seem nothing to do with the real market and individual investors are putting their money based on ‘the it might-go-up-one-day-state-of-the-mind’. So I’ve turned my eye to overseas market long time ago and the result is more than I expected” says Jone Maynard, Ko, CEO of Gross.

Ko points out ‘stable’ and ‘profitable’ as the two most important principles to keep in mind in stock trading. It is not much to say that all investment strategies are built based on this ‘stable profit’ principle. In other words, it is the key for you to earn as high a profit as you can on stability whether it is home ground or overseas. 

Traders have their own principles or rules. No matter what they are, many fall into abyss by the temptation of ‘greed’. Greed lures you to lose coolness and to break the principles or rules. If you have fell into the abyss, Ko advises you to keep this in mind: it is better not to lose today than to make a lot tomorrow.

Gross is trading Euro, gold, silver and energy in Chicago Board of Trade aka Chicago Futures Exchanges. It opened in 1848 and has grown to be the second largest future exchanges in the world sharing about 37% of the market. Ko prefers diversified investment centered in MTUM. The securities of MTUM are ideal for long term investment to earn stable and steady profits. Among the top 10 are Amazon, Microsoft and Visa card. 

Ko introduced two aggressive and stable products of Gross at the investment briefing held last month alongside the company’s vision, direction and investment methods. Within a half month after the briefing, one investor was able to grow his stock by 30% within 10 days of his 30 million won investment. 

At Gross, one risk manager takes care of one trader for safety. The risk manager checks the trader’s condition and adjusts the amount of investment. When needed, the risk manager cut the trade. All these works of the manager is not open to the trader which makes his/her investment more confident with small amount investment. Gathering the record of the past, the method has proved around 70 to 80% strike rate. 

“One of the biggest virtues in stock trading is ‘patience’. Patience means you have to overcome many temptations for short term profits. Avoid the short term trade and the dangerous hours. Today is not the end of the stock trade but we have tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. So just be patient.”

A boat is most safe when in harbor. But that is not the purpose of a boat. Likewise, if you keep money in your safe, you have no way to swell it. Ko thinks the biggest failure is doing nothing.

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