“Owners should not neglect their pets suffering”

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Pet Coordinator Specialist(PCS) refers to an expert course to nurture coordinator specialist in making a better residential environment with pets, including building equipment, materials, apartment structures, and living care. The fastest way to relieve the stress of pets is to improve their living environment. It is obvious that we have to provide a more safe and comfortable apartment for pets and ourselves. With the same reason, in order to promote the perfect introduction of the symbiotic apartment with pets, nurturing Pet Coordinator Specialists is the ultimate method to make a better environment for pets and owners to live a happy life.

The very project is ‘Pet Coordinator Specialist nurturing course’. As KBS Life Education Center and Korea Pet Coordinator Association have open up the course for the ‘Pet Coordinator Specialist’, the keyword has become the one and only way to be recognized as a pet-living environment consultant. As more than one-third of the Korean population is living with their pets, and they are interested in pet-living environments, the Pet Coordinator Specialist will be an important license in the future.

Pet Coordinator Specialist consists of level-I and level-II. Level-II includes relatively easy contents about the pet-living environment, for ordinary people to study without difficulties. Level-I includes rather expert-knowledge about building equipment, interior, and real estate.

Experts on economy anticipate that pet-related industry will grow up to have a scale of 6 trillion KRW by 2027. Related jobs include pet interior specialist, licensed real estate agent, real estate consultant, pet coordinators, however, the data does not include pet real estate. That is, if pet real estate specialists are included in the long term, the scale will be even bigger. If pet-friendly apartments are generalized throughout the city, real estate specialists will be needed to help more people find the right place to live happily with their pets. Pet Coordinator Specialists can be an alternative. Manager Park Joon-yeong said, in 2019, where 3 households out of 10 are living with their pets, Pet Coordinator Specialists are gaining more and more popularities, after acquiring the license to work as pet living environment consultant. He expressed hope of people having more practical tips on managing the solution for the neighbor-barking problem, home-styling for pets through studying the construction methods and selecting the right materials.

As the era of 10 million people living with their pets come, Seoul has declared to be the animal-friendly city, stating that it will establish more detailed animal care system such as granting the animal insurance fee for a 1-year period to citizens who adopt the lost dogs. The fundamental purpose was to build the city that co-exists with pets. However, despite all these, society still needs to come up with solutions to different problems related to pets. 

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