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Sookjo Ryu, CEO of Lon.G, is a hair specialist, a makeup artist and a businesswoman who has made her strong presence in the fields with her brilliant dexterity and business acumen. She made her brand ‘Caradi’ as a luxury hair salon and appeared in the media a number of times to demonstrate her talent and knowledge. 

Caradi is located one in Gangnam and another in Yongsan, Seoul. Like its name suggests, highly acclaimed hair designers and makeup artists are ready to meet those who know what it takes to be ‘stylish’ every day with neat manners and excellent hand touch. 

Lon.G is the realization of the Ryu’s long time thirst for cosmetics. She emphasizes that Korean cosmetics are far better than overseas luxury brands when it comes to the foundations. To prove it, she says that the Korean foundations are much loved by people overseas while ignored by their homeland consumers who are just craze about ‘brands, brands and brands’. 

Ryu named Lon.G to mean ‘long lasting beauty’. Lon.G started based on ‘retinol stabilization research’ from which Ryu and her team drew safe, effective and skin-friendly cosmetics. All products of Lon.G have gone through strict tests and proved their safe-to-useness. More famous as ‘functional cosmetics’, Lon.G obtained numerous patents home and abroad including the FDA and the GMP and currently is being exported to 15 countries in the world. 

“All our cosmetics give excellence to your skin but I would like to recommend ‘capsule cream’ and ‘grain face wash’. The former contains the antioxidant called ‘fullerene’ which removes active oxygen while strengthens elasticity and whitening. The latter, on the other hand, contains beans, red beans and mung beans, yeah a lot of bean, and it is subacid and has rich foams. You can wash your face even with your eyes open. It’s that natural” says Ryu. 

Ryu worked for Hankook Chemistry for 2 years. She quit the job and turned her career to makeup influenced by her younger sister who was so much drawn to the field while Ryu found a great charm of the job to turn ordinary women like celebrities by a touch of her hand. And it was the beginning of Caradi. 

With both Caradi and Lon.G as her two main driving forces, Ryu is ambitiously pushing forward her global dream over South Korea.

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