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▲ CEO Daniel Maeng

It is natural for a student to dream of studying at a globally acclaimed university. In order to make the dream come true, one must prove excellence in academic performance. Having an excellent academic performance, however, does not guarantee a top university as studying and entering are two different matters that require different skills and ability. 

Daniel Maeng, the CEO of The Campbell Academy, has built extensive knowledge and experience in sending top students to top universities and his analytic ability and business acumen have been well proved with numerous successful results. <Power Korea> met him and learned some tips. 

Database analysis and solution
Maeng studied at a prestigious high school in the US. He majored in biology at university and pushed up his study to one level further at a medical school. He then came to realize that a considerable number of students wasting their time in visiting agents, consultants and education fair with a hope to find a way to make entrance to top universities overseas; he also learned that the information they were given were not as accurate or as down-to-earth as he thought. Opening of The Campbell Academy came from this realization. 

The Campbell Academy uses database on universities and essays to bring the optimum solution to the desired university and department of each student in the shortest time possible; it also helps students draw better results on SAT, AP and IB as well as MCAT and DAT for medical schools, LSAT and LNAT for law schools and GED for home schooling. This innovative database analysis and solution is backed up by the top teachers of each field at The Campbell Academy.

Creating synergy
Thanks to his database analysis and solution as well as excellent teachings and curriculum, most clients of The Campbell Academy are from international schools or renowned high schools. The one on one curriculum in particular is playing a great role to analyze weak and strong points of each student for improvement and enhancement. It is notable that The Campbell Academy is running The Campbell Education Consulting through which the specialists provide comprehensive consulting covering all aspects of university entrance from essay writing to interviews. 

This synergy has sent many students of The Campbell Academy to Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Johns Hopkins and UC Berkeley to name a few. The Campbell Academy especially has proved 100% entrance to Harvard and MIT. Recognizing the capability of Maeng, the TVN’s Free 19 and the JTBC’s Oasis aired him. 

“A capable education consultant must have his own education philosophy over just analyzing the patterns of the exams and requirements. This is the reason I’m taking a course at Yonsei University Graduate School of Education because I do not want to remain within the boundary of an education consultant but a great educator and an education writer.”

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