Youtube ‘Cooking Star’ goes offline ‘Cooking Star Park Hae Gyeong’s Happy Table’

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▲ CEO Chef Haegyeong Park

One man media is one of the fastest growing businesses today thanks to the global video streaming platform Youtube. What do they sell? They sell contents. If Netflix is a global giant of contents provider, individuals challenge the market with their unique and creative contents ranging various fields from travel and education to culture, cooking, hobby and music. Each category has its star Youtuber and Haegyeong Park who runs her own channel <Cooking Star> is making her own history in the field. 


“Cooking is communication”

Cooking Star had 12,600,000 hits within 10 months of launching the channel with 71,500  subscribers. It is not easy to find such an explosive number of viewership in such a short period of time on Youtube. Unlike other cooking broadcast that focused on delivering ‘how to cook’, Park also delivers ‘story’. In other words, she delivers ‘recipe’ and ‘the story’ together to draw out empathy of the audience. She had not put up ads until the number of subscribers reached to 6,000 and this was because she valued ‘communication’ more important than the reward for her specialty in cooking and talking. 

What makes her channel unique? Firstly, it is easy to follow. She uses common ingredients in the fridge at home and everybody can copy with her easy to follow step. Secondly, she shows what kind of food goes well with what kind of dish to maximize the visual. Thirdly, it is her openness and talking skill. 

Park has run her side dish brand ‘Myeongpoom Chanbang’ for 10 years and its brand power has been well proven in the hot corners of the food courts at Lotte and Hyundai department stores. 

As her expertise in cooking and her inviting and talkative personality gained more and more hits on the Youtube, the demand for the cooking utensils she used also came to attention. Encouraged by this, she developed her own cooking pan by improving the drawbacks of the existing pans and launched her own brand ‘Cooking Star Pan’; it is made of special heat treatment and is non-coated for healthiness. Cooking Star Pan can be bought as a single item or alongside other cooking utensils at competitive price. At its third phase release, more than 2,000 Cooking Star Pan were sold within 2 days. 

Recently, Park has walked out of the Youtube to meet her fan and subscribers at her offline restaurant ‘Cooking Star Park Hae Gyeong’s Happy Table’ nestled near Sejong City. The restaurant uses absolutely necessary amount of condiment and the freshest ingredients possible. Some of the hot sellers are seasoned grilled Pollack and mackerel, dried Pollack soup and grill, and Kimchi-chigae (kimchi stew).   

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