Painting for relaxation and healing

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▲ Artist Sujin Kim

Painting for Artist Sujin Kim is a confession on memories of her past. She wants to make everyday meaningful and pours this desire into her works. She gives an insight on what is important in life first and then untangles the insight with unique materials on the canvas later. At the end of the day, she intends her works as medium to deliver relaxation and healing.

Positively purifying energy of our lives
Kim wanted to be an artist but her parents objected and majored in math instead. Nevertheless, she started to learn watercolor at an art studio after graduation. She was drawn into representational painting and, in a way to check her level, participated in numerous competitions. Amazingly, her works were selected more than 10 times. 

“I was so disappointed at my parent’s disapproval. I had this negative energy forming inside me and I wandered around the streets. Grabbing a brush in my hands again made me so happy and I transferred to Seoul Digital University to carry on my painting. I then enrolled in art therapy and psychology course at Dongguk University Graduate School from which I observed myself being settled” says Kim.

Most of her works express ‘positively purifying energy of our lives’. And she emphasizes ‘honesty to oneself’ through her representative work ‘ung’. 

“The Korean word ‘ung (응) meaning a firm yes’ can be seen as number 0, 1, 0 if turned horizontally. 0 means everything, alpha and omega. I interpret this as ‘We come empty, we return empty’. Being aware of this makes our directions clear so I wanted to express this through the work ‘Ung’.”

Brightening the world with art
Kim’s works emphasize ‘communication’ through languages. For this, she uses Korean alphabets to express complicatedness of our emotions. 

“Young generation today is familiar with being alone. In other words, they are immune to exhaustion. I myself once was in the same state but painting turned my course of life brighter. So painting for me, in a way, is to deliver this brightness and positive energy to the people.”

In the same respect, she is willing to organize socially beneficial exhibitions at hospitals and welfare centers from this year and donate part of the profits generated. Meanwhile, she has been scheduled for Art International Zurich held this September. 

▲ 2019o.k-1902 mixed media on canvas 162.2x112.1 2019

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