‘Ki painting’ delivers love, peace and happiness

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Ki, 氣(Qi) in Chinese, means energy or spirit. Those who do ‘ki training’say that it is a process of emptying our minds through which we can create resonance with the energy of the universe in order to give positive effect to us. There are many types of ‘ki training’ such as ‘ki picture’, ‘ki dance’ and ‘ki treatment’.

Yoojeong Seo, the curator of the Seoul Museum, is famous for her ‘ki painting’. She explains that her works are made with the vitality and the wave of the energy in resonance with the essential energy of the universe; they deliver the energy of love, peace and happiness, and make our body and mind sound. <Power Korea>heardthe story of ‘ki painting’ from her.


Q. What makes you busy these days?

A. I’m busy for the collaboration work for the Tokyo 2020 T-shirt. We are expecting the final around the middle of June. Alongside, I have clients who order or bought my works in Japan. One of the clients is suffering from brain disease and I felt rewarded when he said that he felt physically better watching my painting. Back in Korea, I’m busy making an album cover of an idol group at the moment.


Q. I heard you are famous in Japan.

A. I think I am as you can see that I’m taking part in making the Tokyo 2020 T-shirt. An officerof the committee asked me to use my concept of ki painting and I said yes without hesitation; it might be seen as a symbol of ‘the victorious energy’ when completed. Meanwhile, I’m preparing to make my presence in Hong Kong with experience I have had in Japan.


Q. Tell me about your work.

A. I hope my ki painting makes people happy and healthy. To make the most of the energy of my ki painting, home is the best place to put up one of my works because home is where we feel most comfortable. In fact, black hole is my main theme. Black hole gives me this concept of ‘we are the one’. When energy gathers together, it becomes explosively huge. One becomes two and two become four. Likewise, we gather energy each other to become one whole. In the same respect, I pour strong energy into my works.

Q. I heard you had an exhibition at the Seoul Arts Center last April.

A. Yes and I had a great time. Many and many people paid a visit to the exhibition. People who were not familiar with ‘ki painting’ showed great interest. A visitor even felt dizzy for about 30 minutes because of the strong ‘ki’ radiated from my ‘ki painting’. My ki painting are the result of my free will and brush work that came from the energy of love, peace and happinessthrough prayers and meditation. Having exhibitions naturally lead to know more about other people and I would like to show my special thanks toBaeksu Kim, the curator of Pyeongni Gallery and the president of the Korea Public Art Association, with whom I would like to run the Seoul Museum and donate art works to armies and police stations.


Q. What is the meaning of your works?

A. My works have this meaning to enliven dead cells through new start and new beginning. My works have no boundary but embrace everything because ‘ki’ has nothing to do with one’s religion, sex and race. Talking of religion, Christian has painting of Holy Spirit and Buddhism has mandala. For me, they are ‘ki painting’. Those who make ‘ki painting’ must not have any intention or greed in their mind but if it has a purpose they must pray hard and wish for blessing and health.


Q. Tell me about your future plan.

A. A number of agents in China areoffering exhibitions at the moment and I’m thinking about it. Personally, I want try ‘gold picture’. Gold is a mineral which has strong energy. So I want to use the most of its energy to amplify the energies of my works.

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