Artist Lee Nam-sook held 46th solo exhibition at Artrie Gallery

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▲ Artist Lee Nam-sook

It is May. Flowers burst up and grass and plants are becoming greener and greener. Everybody seems to swell something in their heart called ‘yearning’ for the festivity of May, the queen of the spring. Meanwhile, artist Lee Nam-sook held a solo exhibition at Artrie Pangyo.

46th Solo exhibition 
Lee’s works are themed on correlation between nature and the people or between the people. She gives her insight in this correlation and shows its meaning through her works. In her recent solo exhibition held at Artrie Gallery Pangyo from 8th to 21st March, she introduced mixed materials. If she used trees, cello, violin, Korean zither and typewriter in a method of combine painting in her previous exhibition, she focused more on stories of positive emotions and love in daily life in a method of normal paintings at this latest exhibition. Most of her works displayed this time in 2 years were unveiled for the first time to the people. 

Helping each other
The highlight of the exhibition was her large sized work <Beautiful Dialogue>. It is themed on landscape of Semiwon Garden in Yangpyeong County and lotus, birds and fish are harmoniously mingled in the work. 

“Birds and fish are my family, lover, mother and child I might have to say. Birds can make a dialogue with birds but they might also do it with fish if they open their heart. What I tried to achieve in this work, naturally, is harmony, openness and happiness.”

The series work <Happy Day> also contains objects like birds and fish as well as the sun and cockscomb blossomed as if it reaches to the sun. What interests us in the work is the Little Prince in a corner of the canvas. 

“The Little Prince gets impressed by a beautiful landscape he encountered on a stroll. So I wanted to deliver my message that we could also encounter something good in our lives time to time like the Little Prince.”

Continuous zeal
Lee has held 46 solo exhibitions in various places including New York and Tokyo overseas and Seoul Arts Center, Asan Medical Center, Jongno Gallery, Yigallery, SETEC, KEPCO Art Center, Seoul Metropolitan Council building and City Bank Apgujeong in South Korea; she also joined around 650 invitational exhibitions held at the Blue House, Government Complex Seoul, the Louvre, New York Art Expo, Toronto Art Expo, Wiesbaden Gallery, and Art Basel Switzerland; and quite recently the 2019 Busan Annual Market of Art.

Meanwhile, her daughter artist Kim Min-jung is holding an invitational solo exhibition at Artrie Gallery Pangyo from 17th to 30th May this year. She is famous for her series works <Happy Travel> and <Happy Story>. Some of her works were appeared in literature textbook of middle and high schools. She had collaboration with Esquire SONOVI from 2011 to 2013 and her work <Happy Woman> was used for a cosmetic brand of Breath and Break. 


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