Super Self-Management suggests how to change one’s life

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▲ CEO Kim Jae-gwang

According to a research, the youth unemployment last year reached 10% which is quite alarming. We must note that the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution requires not of fragmentary knowledge but of systematic, integrated and comprehensive knowledge. For this, the focus of education should better be laid on raising abilities in problem solving and creativity. Knowing this very well, JK Institute for Innovation Management is taking the initiative. <Power Korea> met Kim.

Introducing ‘Super Self-Management’
Kim has published numerous books home and abroad. In his book <Super Self-Management>, he melted his 15 years of expertise in self-management methods and suggests how to manage oneself better and effective.

“I quit an in-house venture of POSCO ICT in April 2003 and has walked a single path for the next 15 years to make contributions to turning people’s lives better and brilliant. I published two books last year: <Super Self-Management> and <I Changed My Life Completely With Super Self-Management>. I gave years of my research, knowledge, knowhow and experience in these two books in an effort to make my life and people’s lives brighter and more innovative” says Kim.

“Super Self-Management helps you find innovative future substances from just mere substances such as black lead. In other words, the book guides you to turn yourself a great man on earth from an ordinary person.”

Kim himself has led his life under his own Super Self-Management for the last 15 years and the book now has been translated into English and is being sold at Amazon. 

Kim’s ‘Super Self-Management MBA Course’ is consisted of 5 lectures: 1) Self-Analysis through SWOT analysis 2) Self-Revolution: the method that changes you completely 3) Knowledge and Educational Revolution: accumulating special and unique knowledge 4) Living and Human Relations Revolution: from 99% to 1% 5)Future Revolution: future mega trend and counterstrategy; but all of these 5 lectures have the same goals: building one’s own Super Self-Management, building the most perfect scientific self-management in the world, and building the most effective frame to change the world.

Kim is a man of ambition who has a great dream of fostering 100,000 global leaders by establishing a humanity and technology driven university in near future. As part of this effort, he is busy opening www.SuperIcon.Life within the first half of this year. Starting with Korean and English first, the website will add Spanish, Chinese and many more afterwards. The services of the website are offered for middle and high school students as well as prestigious universities in the world. 

Kim majored in computer science at Pohang University of Science and Technology, had a MBA from University of Melbourne, and finished the Professional Certificate course of Stanford University. He won the Korea Innovative Leader Awards in 2014, 2015 and 2017, the Korea Best Leader Awards in 2014 and 2015, the 2014 Korea Future Management Awards, and quite recently the 2019 Korea Education Industrial Awards. 

He has written a number of books: <Online Education Changes the World>, <I LOVE POHANG: Changes the Region>, <THE LAW: Five Absolute Principles That Change Human Relations>, <Nothing Is Easier Than Success>, <Super Self-Management> and <I Changed My Life Completely With Super Self-Management>. 

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