2019 Korea Education Industrial Awards

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55 winners grab the trophies 
Hosted by Herald Corporation and organized by the monthly <Power Korea>, the 2019 Korea Education Industrial Awards was held on April 30th at the Seoul Press Center. The 13th awards this year found and rewarded excellent and inspiring educators and educational institutes and organizations. The judging panel carried on its screening for 2 months on documents, and through interviews if necessary, and the 55 individuals and organizations were chosen as the winners of the year.

The Herald Corporation CEO Gwon Chung-won took the stage to give opening remark followed by Hongik University professor (the head of judge) Kim Hyung-uk’s report on proceeding and commentary “The judges laid a great value on the balance of public education and private education this year. It took us a great effort in choosing the winners who have shown excellent competitiveness in each respective field. As the head of the judges, I would like to give my sincere congratulations to the winners this year.”

Congratulatory performance
The female trio crossover music group ‘Muses’ took the stage to give a congratulatory performance on the day. Jeong Min-gyeong (leader and violinist), Lee Da-mi (violinst) and Yoon Mi-jin (cellist) captivated the hearts of the winners and the attendees on the day with passionate yet sweet melodies alongside their charming appearances. In keeping the heat of the awards ceremony, the EBS school education division head Hwang Sung-hwan and the Dean of Seokyeong University Graduate School Gu Ja-eok took the stage to give heartwarming congratulatory speeches. 

Monthly <Power Korea>organizes and ‘Chicken University’ sponsors 
The 2019 Korea Education Industrial Awards was organized by Korean-English monthly magazine <Power Korea> and sponsored by the new concept chicken brand ‘Chicken University’ of Mbro Company. The 55 winners of the year 2019 are as follows:

National Assembly Education Committee prizes: Seokyeong University Graduate School, Bucheon University Aerial Service Department, Edu Simson, JK Institute for Innovation Management, and One-Stop Prep. 

Others: EBS, Korea University Graduate School of Journalism & Mass Communication, Yonsei University Korean Language Institute, Benjamin School for Character Education, Ansan University Department of Accounting, www.imyonggosi.com, Balgeun Hanja, Total Essay, Hongseong Girls High School, Daechi Academy, Chosun University Department of Free Majors, Billion Kid, Blooming Scholar School, Promise Language School;

Rachel Tarot School, Sumisa, Ohdaegyo CSAT Lab, Dr. Mu Academy, Story Bom Academy, Musicircus, KG Eduone, the Korea Sports Culture Art Association, Happy Company Research Lab Education Consulting, Ohganzi Production, Tornado Stock Research Lab, MS Beauty Academy of Continuing Education, Thinking Child Art, Boryeon Art Studio, JBS E&M, Key Media, Eton Edu, Youngtak Academy, Thinking Education, HS Cook, Golden Surfer Academy;

Choi Gyeong Il Building Equipment Academy, Choi Ok Soon Beauty & Hair, Jang Bok Soon poet, 6 Sense Plus, Regen English, Ohreunan Dance Academy, GMP Lab, Seoul Kyung Hee Dance Academy, Wonchang Culture and Art Research Lab, Sunjae Edu, TEMS Academy Korea, Human & Education Institute, First Learning, Image Mean, and Sensation MS. 

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