The education in the name of the father: Taejeon Education

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Lee Byeong-sup, the founder of Taejeon Educatioin, was born toa millhouse family as the seventh son. Unfortunately, his father died early due to his illness and he was relatively more matured than the children in his own age. When he was a sixth grade elementary school student, he was inspired by ‘Debt to One’s Parents’ written by Jeong Cheol, a Korean statesman and a poet lived during the mid-Joseon dynasty era; he learned himself that one must live honest and diligent in order to pass down his virtue and value to his offspring. He then launched his research on this ‘rightness’ of a man who will one day be a father.<Power Korea> met Lee who wrote <New Mentor>

Taejeon Education for fathers to suggest right way to their children

“Thomas Edison once said “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. But I don’t wholly agree with this. I would like to change that ‘1% inspiration’ as ‘one time inspiration’. And I call this ‘one time inspiration’ as ‘Brain Spark’” says Lee.

Lee values highly of habitually making note to open ‘spirit index’ and ‘genius’ and emphasizes ‘continuous reading’. He says that reading makes us bright and fruitful and it truly is a valuable effort to know oneself better like the great philosopher Socrates said.

In this respect, Lee’s Taejeon Education is laying the foundation for soon-to-be fathers to make themselves prepared through education. If prenatal education is like an effort to turn a desert to a rich land, Taejeon Education is like an effort to plant seeds on the desert so that the seeds can turn it to a rich land.

“In other words, Taejeon Education is an education of father’s side rather than mother’s. The key point is that a father’s virtue and conduct affect greatly to his children” explains Lee. “It is not advisable for fathers to just have children without any plan and preparation and above all what it means to have children and raise them. Irresponsible fathers are likely to have irresponsible children and they might affect not only their own families but the society as a whole. At this point, I particularly would like to point out the importance of ‘endurance’ which is one of the core values to foster children as strong and virtuous aswild flowers.”

“We need to remind that the theory and practice-based education in Germany was a great driving force of the national economy” he adds. A lecture about Taejeon Education is to be held at the Seoul Press Center on 30th this month.

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