Seha sets an example of excellent forestry business in Korea

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▲ CEO Kim Wang-lae

Timbers have been one of the most frequently used materials in history. Trees are an important asset of human beings on earth and we had better use this eco-friendly material wisely and carefully. Experts are warning about climate change and energy crisis and point out pollutant substances as one of the main causes. In this atmosphere, wooden pallet is being received as a promising future energy source since it uses wood waste which does not emit greenhouse gas. 

The law-abiding business
Seha, located in Pocheon City, is a forestry company. It deals with almost everything about forest and trees from logging and felling plan and license to afforestation and distribution. “We get license, carry out logging and send the timbers to textile and wooden pallet companies. We value highly the fact that there is nothing to be wasted of a tree and it is a god’s gift to us. It is our goal to protect the forests in Korea and to use them widely and carefully for the development of the industry” says CEO Kim Wang-lae of Seha. 

The Forest Resources Act of Korea states the ideal periods of logging and felling and the businesses must strictly follow the regulations. The act does not apply, however, when its purpose is related to renewal of species, disease, medicinal use, and pitch pines. 

Excellence comes from experience, safety and equipment
“It is regretful that considerable number of people sees logging as an act of destroying the forests. But it mainly is about renewal of species carried out according to the law during the limited periods of withering and of the best quality. After the logging, the areas go through afforestation to make them abundant once more.”

Kim also emphasizes on safety. “54 workers lost their lives last year alone. It is very important to follow the safety rules: marking off of the dangerous zones, shouting when rolling the trees, immediately stopping the work when the machine shows abnormality, and above all wearing the safety gear.” 

All experts in Seha have more than 10 years of experience in the field and are certified. Thanks to its close bond between the staff mainly the family members or kin, Seha boasts excellent teamwork and safety awareness and actions unlike the one-man operators which are common in the field. It is also noteworthy that Seha keeps up with the latest equipment and has wood transport vehicles and carriers. 

Seha is able to work on the forests sized as small as less than 1,652 square meters up to 300,578 square meters. The company has successfully carried out a considerable number of works and secured its firm status in the industry. 

“It is no need to say that happy staff is more motivated and brings better results than the unhappy ones. So the company runs one of the best welfare systems in the industry and we will keep making ourselves busy for efficiency, safety, quality and above all the protection of forests in Korea.”

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