Feng shui affects each other between alive and the dead

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Feng shui (geomancy) has been practiced for a long time in the Far East. It is a belief that where and how to put houses and things affect resident’s health and luck. One most famous episode in Korea goes back to the time of founding Joseon dynasty: Buddhist monk Muhak advised King Yi Seong-gye, the founder of Joseon dynasty,based on Feng shui, to have Hanyang (current Seoul) as the capital. “It is regretful to observe, however, that the true meaning of Feng shui, which is ‘the principle of interactive vitality’, is rather being used wrong or distorted nowadays” says Feng shui specialist Ohyoung.

“Feng shui is divided into ‘yangtaek’ and ‘eumtaek’; the former is house we live in and the latter is grave or the world of the dead. To predict things based on Feng shui in terms of geomancy is not as plausible as it sounds since Feng shui involves such energies which we cannot see with our eyes. For example, you might have met a person whom you felt a stronger energy or the mood than others. This also in a way is related to Feng shui. At the end of the day, the reason we tend to depend on Feng shui is to invite luck and happiness instead of bad luck and unhappiness.”

Ohyoung has a doubt in what Feng shui specialists usually call ‘myeongdang (the best grave site)’; unlike in the past where the earth was intact as it was the earth today is covered by concrete buildings which make the effect of Feng shui doubtful.

“I just want to throw a question how it can be the best grave site while roads in the foot of the mountain cut the flow of ridges here and there? A single diversion of the course of a stream can affect greatly the overall map of the place in terms of Feng shui. Therefore, Feng shui had better be reinterpreted in a modern term that the best grave site is possibly hidden in the waters, stones and mountains around us. Back in the days, people believed a site where a spiritually pure and clean person laid asleep for eternity as the best grave site. This exactly applies in the time we are living now. In other words, the best grave site is where I one most comfortable.”

Ohyoung also said that Feng shui is closely related to the person who is seeking an advice for the best site. So a good Feng shui specialist should have an ability to read one’s four pillars of destiny (the year, month, date and time of one’s birth) and to have knowledge in geomancy. This is because every patch of land has its own energy and character like all living things in the world has its own character. So looking into one’s four pillars of destiny should better be analyzed before moving onto Feng shui to find the most appropriate site.


According to Feng shui, graves are as equally important as houses we live in. People want to have a nice house while they are alive; likewise the dead also wants to have a nice grave to rest. People tend to praise their own pride when things go as they wished but blame their ancestors when things go opposite of their wish. Feng shui believes that if a grave is wet, penetrated by a serpent or covered by roots of plants and trees, the offspring who has the most similar DNA to the dead will be affected. So to pick a nice site for a grave is very important.


We cannot sleep well on the spot where water or earth current flows underneath. The same applies to the site where a house is built; if found it was, however, it is important to effectively layout the furniture. We should not hang any pictures on the wall of house. A picture drawn by a person who is bad and foul mouthed emits bad energy. So it is better to check on the water flow of the place to which you are about to move in or about to build.

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