11 Years of Single Path as Antenatal and Postnatal Care Specialist: DAINMOMS CARE

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▲ CEO Ju Dong-eok

Unlike in the past, more and more pregnant women are in want of antenatal and postnatal care. It has become common today to see soon-to-be moms and daddies queuing in front of the booths of antenatal and postnatal service providers for a consulting at various baby and kids fairs. In other words, people’s interest in taking care of moms has increased as much as in taking care of their babies. Back in the days, family members or acquaintances of a pregnant woman used to give an aid; today, they are being replaced by professionals with proper knowledge and experience; ‘beauty’, the trendy word that is sweeping the Korean society at the moment also might play the part since the ‘massage’ helps them recover to their former body shape quickly. 

Being pregnant brings changes to women’s body. Physically, they experience swelling, edema, weight gain, and pain in joints and pelvis; mentally, they suffer from being listless and depressed. In this respect, an antenatal and postnatal care at an appropriate time and period could ease the physical pain and relax their mental stress; and naturally it affects positively the baby and the mom to be recovered fast to her former glory in terms of health and shape. 

“Moms and daddies nowadays have keen interest in raising children together. So they are willing to do things on their own with help of professionals rather than with help of their family members or acquaintances. Husbands especially take their wives’ health very importantly; the women’s age of giving birth has gone up also affects them to seek a care of specialists” says Hong Ji-heon, the director of DAINMOMS CARE. 

Hong recommends that antenatal care should better be started after 20 weeks of pregnancy until 7 days before giving birth; moms start to gain weight and changes come to their body after 20 weeks. Postnatal care, on the other hand, is ideal to start after 7 days of giving birth; if it is cesarean, it is better to start after 12 days of giving birth. But it must be done, emphasizes Hong, by highly trained and experienced specialists. 

Specialists must have an understanding about the body type and the needs of their clients, be well-acquainted with methods of massage on each part of the body, and with equipment they bring to use. More importantly, they need to make sure whether their clients are satisfied at the end of the service and the customer feedback must continuously be checked and improved. 

“Most pregnant women have difficulty in mobility so ‘visit-and-do’ services are most common. The advantage of ‘visit-and-do’ is that it makes the clients comfortable since the place is either their home or a place of their choice; and the specialist also can give intensive care to only one client. What is more important, however, is ‘communication’. A good specialist normally has this talent alongside the technique to make her client feel stable and help her recover faster. By the same token, the head office must continuously check on how their services are received and what improvement should be made.”

Regarding the frequency of massage, Hong advises twice a week and 2 hours at a time. “Too much is as bad as too little. You need to do it at the right time and for the right period so that you can effectively control the changes of the body and recover faster after giving birth.”

DAINMOMS CARE has walked a single path as antenatal and postnatal care specialist for the last 11 years. It opened a business support and training center for the first time in the industry and all employees must go through strict CS (Customer Satisfaction) training. It runs more than 35 directly-managed branches nationwide including Jeju Island.

Currently, CEO Ju Dong-eok is preparing to open the first overseas branch in China and, when in success, expanding the business gradually to other regions of the world. 

On recognition of its contribution to the industry, DAINMOMS CARE received the 2019 Korea Value Management Awards in the category of antenatal and postnatal care services. Quite recently, DAINMOMS CARE set up a booth at the Daegu Baby & Kids Fair (Beki Spring) held at EXCO from March 28-31 and attracted a great number of moms and daddies. 


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