Air Change Ventilator is an innovation of air purifier

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▲ CEO Kim Dong-gyu

Koreans are facing serious challenge today: air pollution. It has been several days that the emergency alarms are ringing on our smart phone. Worse still, yellow dust is predicted in the coming days in addition to fine and ultra-fine dusts. The government has taken a measure to install air purifiers in schools first at the moment. The problem is that they cannot filter CO2 and VOC. Rising as an alternative is mechanical ventilator. Talking of mechanical ventilator, we cannot miss a specialist in the field ‘Air Change’. 

Innovation comes from ‘downward ventilating’
On 5th March, the fine particle concentration in Seoul reached to 200㎍/m³ with Sejong City a little down side from Seoul a shocking 250㎍/m³. What it means is that wearing a mask no longer works under these conditions. Naturally, people are looking for a better way to prevent the bad air coming into their body. 

The reason ‘Air Change Ventilator’ comes into attention among the industry specialists is because that it is designed with ‘downward ventilating system’ unlike the existing upward ventilating. “Radon that causes lung cancer and benzene that cause cancer in general, for example, are heavier than the air and they hanging down on the floor. In other words, the upward ventilators absorb these harmful substances to fill the whole room” explained Kim alarmingly. 

The awareness led Kim to introduce Air Change Ventilator and he obtained a patent No.10-1398037. It keeps warm air in the ceiling while the bad air on the floor goes out of the room. Kim said that it could be 10 times efficient than the existing ventilators in the market. He also pointed out the fact that harmful substances like radon and benzene are hanging low and we breathe in a lot of them when sleeping so we need an effective solution to this; and Air Change Ventilator can do this job. 

Low consumption, efficient purifying
The WHO estimates that around 2 to 5 million people die by bad air every year. Fine dust can easily get into blood vessels and it causes problems in cardiovascular system and brain.

Unlike the existing air purifiers, Air Change Ventilator is installed either in the window frame so that it purifies outside air to let it inside or in the entrance door to send the air out. Apart from the air purification function, the system consumes less electricity but is more efficient in performance.  

Thanks to this innovative system, Air Change Ventilator is being used in numerous educational institutions including Gyeonggido Office of Education, SacredHeart Gril’s High School and Gyeonggi Gwangmyeong Office of Education. 

Air Change Ventilator received a CEO’s prize of the Korea Environment Corporation at the 2014 Korea Healthy Housing Awarded held by the Korea Environment Research & Information Center. 

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