‘Superfast allbrain learning’ maximizes reading and learning abilities

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▲ Principal Dr. Kim Yong-jin

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It seems to be innovative on one side but on the other side it means people likely use less brain than before. A question arises; do not we really need to use our brain any more than before? <Power Korea> met Principal Dr. Kim Yong-jin of Brain King (brain academy), who invented ‘superfast allbrain learning’.

Waking up the dormant ability of our brain
Kim started to have interest in our brain when his elementary school principal asked him to get hold of a certain book. For some reason, it encouraged him to find a way to read books fast which he did in earnest from 1968 and it led him to invent the ‘superfast allbrain learning’. 

The ‘superfast allbrain learning’ develops left brain, right brain and mid brain to wake up the dormant ability of our brain. According to Kim, left brain is related to sense, right brain to sensibility and mid brain to spiritual. 

The ‘superfast allbrain learning’ goes through 3 stages: 1) superfast intensive reading which improves concentration, memory, thinking, language, decision making, logic, creativity and agility; it increases reading ability by 10 to 100 times 2) memorization optimized for English and Chinese vocabulary 3) 7.5.3. method which reads 7 times, 5 times and 3 times to sum up the point and to help develop self-directed learning. 

Recognizing its excellence, NHK Japan, Fuji Joonggyeong TV, The Asahi, The Sankei, The Yomiuri, CCTV China, The People’s Daily China and some media in Europe aired Kim’s ‘superfast allbrain learning’. 12 of Kim’s books including <Allbrain Training 7Q> and <Superfast Allbrain Learning> are housed in the library of the National Diet of Japan.

Fostering 100 Nobel Prize winners
Kim successfully listed his ‘superfast allbrain learning’ in a world encyclopedia and received a gold prize of the Jang Yeong Sil Science Culture Awards and an excellent prize for his paper at Yonsei University Graduate School. He held the World Speed Reading Competition from 1987 to 1991 and has been serving as the principle of the National Assembly Sharing CEO course for the last 6 years. 

Kim has applied for a patent for ‘study method certification’ which is given to people who have successfully finished his course; the certification comes with Kim’s seal and the learner’s name, date of birth, course detail, issue date and issue number. In order to spread excellence of his ‘superfast allbrain learning’ to the world, he signed an agreement with Dr. Lee Sang-hee, a researcher of the GreenLife Intellectual Network, with a goal to foster 100 Nobel Prize winners. 

An example of the beneficiary of the ‘superfast allbrain learning’ is Park Jong-young (aged 81) who made for psychology department at Sogang University in 2016. A student at Korea University, for another example, scored all A+ and received a scholarship from Brain King which gives scholarship to top students, all A+ students and those who have read more than 365 books a year.

Kim pointed out “Many successful people are great readers. So reading is very important as much as delivering new knowledge and contents that can answer to the demand of the age we are living now. One valuable advice I would like to give alongside ‘superfast allbrain learning’ is not to speak ‘negative words’. Negative words create negative energy while positive words positive.” 

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