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▲ CEO Yoo Yoon-hee

Hair salon in Korea is as much saturated as chicken franchise. In other words, one cannot survive without excellent customer services and competitiveness in skills and price. Yoo Yoon-hee, CEO of Style Yoon’s, located in Gwangju Metropolitan City, is famous for her years of expertise in hair styling, hair loss, nail and training but above all, communication with her clients. 

Differentiated services
Yoo used to be a pet breeder and consultant before jumping into the hair beauty industry. To make a differentiation, she introduced one on one customized services by reservation-base so that each of her clients is treated with utmost care whether it is hair or nail. It is notable that she is strict on minimizing the use of chemical substances when dying to avoid any possible skin troubles. 

Yoo, who also has extensive knowledge on hair loss, advises “The main cause of hair loss is stress. Therefore, it is important to give a massage first to the scalp to better circulate the blood in a resting mood. It is also advisable to drink a lot of ‘eoseongcho tea’, eoseongcho is chameleon plant, to improve hair loss” said Yoo. 

Engaging and communicating
Yoo opened a hair salon because she likes meeting and talking with people. For this reason, she has never run her business with any trick or such but only with truth. Her service is so honest and touching that people from other areas than Gwangju, who heard the fame of Yoo, willingly travel to the city to receive her service. 

“It is my belief that I must return back what I have received to the society. Hair styling for me is not just trimming the hair but to listen to my client’s stories and feel sympathize. This way, a seemingly simple hair treatment can be an act of communication and healing.”

Currently, Yoo is bringing up a big dream which she will achieve by working closely together with the two skilled hair designers: Junghyun and Yoo Yoon-ah. 

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