Nothing but the taste of the sea as they are

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▲ CEO Yoon Jong-su of Ongari Beolgyo Kkomak & Zzim

Since when we do not know but kkomak (tegillarca granosa: ark clam) fever is weeping throughout the country with ‘kkomak rice’ in the center of the fever. Back in the days, kkomak was an exclusive dish enjoyed in the royal palace since it is rich in amino acid and iron that are good for liver and anemia. Talking of kkomak in Korea bring us down to Beolgyo-eup in South Jeolla Province, where it is abundant. Yoon Jong-su, CEO of Ongari Beolgyo Kkomak & Zzim (steamed), is a native Beolgyo-rian who knows kkomak more than anyone else in Korea. <Power Korea> met him.

A dish you must taste 
It is interesting to know that Yoon once was a clothes designer and made a hit in the clothes business in Dongdaemun, Seoul, but went bankrupt when the IMF hit Korea. To earn bread and butter, he opened a cart bar in Garak-dong, Seoul in 2001. He worked hard and the business went well but he felt embarrassed that his job is written as a cart bar runner when his children brought from kindergarten a form on family member information. 

He then opened Ongari Bossam (wrapped pork and vegetable) but had to close when the building owner went bankrupt. He challenged with some other items in the food business thereafter but did not see it stable before starting a small kkomak restaurant without even a signboard. Finally, his hard work was paid back. 

The fame spared from month to mouth among the residents at first but soon attracted the media attention. January 31 on tvN last year introduced Ongari Beolgyo Kkomak & Zzim as a restaurant you must visit before it closes. The media appearance was followed by MBC Eoyeongcha Sea on 18 March the same year and MBC Chunginusul on 13 January this year. 

Nothing but the taste of the sea as they are
CEO Yoon registered the business name as Ongari JS Distribution in October last year in order to start a franchise. For this, he opened an OEM factory in Yeosu City, a processing factory in Beolgyo and a sauce factory in Hanam City. He has opened 7 chain restaurants including the flagship in Garak-dong, Seoul and is pushing forward the expansion with such zeal and passion. 

“I think I can say that I’m the one who knows most about kkomak and its business in Korea. I’ve proved myself with the taste, steady sales and cost-effective labor. Above all, I take the profit of franchisees as top priority of my business as long as they are hard-working and determined” said Yoon. Ongari Beolgyo Kkomak & Zzim is credited for smooth texture, delicate taste and above all sea freshness. 

Meanwhile, Park has been donating 60kg rice to the old living alone every month alongside engaging in various volunteer activities so that he fulfills his belief in value of sharing for as long as he can. 


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