Future Leaders Are Made at Home Education

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▲ Professor Huh Tae-geun

The recent family members of the conglomerate’s abuse of power in Korea hit the people with a shock. Yet the abuse of power by the owner family is not only a problem of large companies but it seems to be widely spread in Korea as we have observed on the media almost every day. Sad even is that the intimacy between parents and children seems to be lost also. In this shocking and depressing atmosphere, a book titled <Future Leaders Are Made at Home Education> written by professor Huh Tae-geun is arousing an echo in our society.  

Importance of home education

In his book <Future Leaders Are Made at Home Education>, Huh emphasizes on the importance of home education by parents helping their children grow as socially agreeable members. He asserts that the recent abuse of power in Korean society came from the absence of home education. 

“Koreans traditionally practiced showing respect, gratitude and consideration and children who grew up watching it naturally had that value. Today, it is rare to find a family whose members gather together to have a meal on which they can talk things about daily events” said Huh. 

Low birth rate and increased number of single households might also have contributed to this. Unlike in the past, people are scheduled up today with their own interest and desire and they can hardly spare a time to have a meal with other members of the family. This might increase lack of communication and disrespect. The problem is that this habit can affect our society and eventually create selfish and disagreeable climates. And this is the reason that Huh emphasizes the importance of an engagement during the family meal or gathering. 

Good examples
“Former US President Barack Obama is known to value highly of family meal time. No matter how busy his schedule was, he always joined family dinner. What we need to see behind this is that this of his habit came from her mother’s influence which proves how important home education is” said Huh.

A good family meal is open, engaging and understanding but not parents being bossy or oppressive. Also, the members of family literally mean all family members from grandparents and parents to children as long as that can apply. Huh explained this in his book in detail that a good family meal can promote order, cleanliness, tidiness, restraint, independence, leadership, responsibility and creativity of children. He also introduced good examples of the home education at the meal table in the US, Germany and in particular Israel which is famous for ‘Havruta’. 

“It is important to see your ‘table’ as a tool to engage each other rather than just a table to drink or eat something or doing smart phone games. Happiness of a family does not come easily but continuous effort of each family member.”

Roadmaps for retirees
Huh is regarded as one of the top 3 lecturers and he is famous for his talent in delivering the value of successful life. He opened Happy School, The Second Chapter of Life in Yangpyeong County in 2014 and has provided roadmaps for retirees by gathering his knowledge and experience. 

Unlike in the past where ‘order and follow’ was commonly accepted, today the concept no longer seems to be effective. Huh said that this especially applied to retirees who actually went through the time and they needed to bring up retirement ideas and plans that could meet the demand of the time now. 

Huh’s roadmaps are designed for people aged between 50 and 80 with lectures themed on finding identity, how to live, planning a map, being happy and being successful, business ideas and startup plans. 

Social contribution
Huh has written a number of books <There Is A Formula In Success>, <Hit>, <Catch> and <Perfect Mother Makes Imperfect Child> in which he delivered his knowledge and ides on success and home education. Also, he has served as a research professor of Korea Lions Forum, the business consultant president of the Korea Management Association, the chief director of the Jungmok Education Family and the principal of Korean School for Children Leadership. 

At the Servant Leadership & Club Innovation held last February on the occasion to mark the 60th birthday of Korea Lions, Huh said “To serve is the keywords of Lions. Every single member of Lions should be equipped with this ‘service mind’ if we are to make contributions to creating a better society.” 


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