Turning negative energy to positive energy

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A life coach encourages and counsel people on a range of professional and personal issues. Life coaching not only is to give advice and mentoring but actually help people with specific professional projects or personal goals. Lee Ji-yoon, the director of Jiyoon Naming Center, is both a naming specialist and a life coach.

Awaking one’s hidden talent

“The core of life coaching is to change the client’s life positive from negative. If a counseling deals with events in the past, coaching is dealing with events now and future. I personally added my own ‘realistic solutions’ to this coaching method to bring the best result possible and I call it ‘Eastern Western Life Coaching’” said Lee. Lee has deep knowledge in the four pillars of the destiny (time, date, month and year of one’s birth) alongside her Eastern Western Life Coaching to find the client’s trait, aptitude and better path for the future. The analysis also draws the self-examination of the client and encourages responsibility of what he/she has done or doing.

▲ Lee Ji-yoon, the director of Jiyoon Naming Center

Turning winter cold to spring warm

The reason people want to change their name is simple: they are not satisfied with the life now and want to change it for better. Therefore, Lee gives a thorough analysis about the client and find best name possible through her knowledge and experience in naming and life coaching.

“In fact, naming itself doesn’t bring a change you want but actions. For example, if you want to be a reporter, you need to study the field, meet people in the industry and try as many interviews as possible like practice makes perfect. For this reason, naming can be a process of finding who I am and who I wish to be and how hard I work to achieve it. In other words, it is a process of turning winter cold to spring warm.”

Lee is an advisor of the Happy Mentors Corp alongside running the Jiyoon Naming Center. She has traveled 47 countries in the world to give lectures on her special areas. “It is notable that more and more people today suffer from depression, insomnia and public disorder. So I think it is a better idea that I carry on my counseling by walking outside as long as the air is clean. I’m actually thinking it like a ‘healing concert’ in nature. The very first step of life coaching starts from looking into one’s inner side and I hope my life coaching skill and naming knowledge can make people happier.”

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