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▲ CEO Kim Jung-ae

Semi-permanent make-up is one of the steadily growing fields in the fast changing Korean beauty industry. Eyebrow is the most commonly practiced part of semi-permanent make-up but the application areas are expanding rapidly nowadays. The practice seems easy to the eyes of normal people but it requires high level of technic and years of experience. And an in-depth analysis on hair style, skin color and face structure is needed in order to bring a balanced look as a whole. 

30 years of single path
Kim Jung-ae, CEO of Bianca Beauty Academy, has walked a single path as a make-up artist for the last 30 years and as a semi-permanent make-up artist for the last 20 years. She is widely received as a pioneer of semi-permanent make-up who has witnessed the development of the field from the very beginning. 

Unlike the past where semi-permanent literally meant semi-permanent, people today can redo it again and again in 2 or 3 years thanks to ‘outer-layer-injection technique’. The technique widened the application areas to eye line and lips in addition to the common eyebrow. A successful application can change the look of one’s face to a greater impact but you are advised to do it only by professionals who have years of experience as things can go wrong otherwise. 

It is notable that a good deal of visitors to Bianca Beauty Academy is those who are not satisfied with the result they had in other places. With a help of the thorough analysis on hair style, face, skin color and age at Bianca Beauty Academy, they can finally have the look they want as a result. Many of the visitors testified that they regained smile thanks to this thorough analysis system at Bianca Beauty Academy. 

Words spread fast from month to mouth and on SNS. Today, many of CEO Kim’s clients are celebrities and some of the clients are even traveling from China. This seems to be natural as she has participated in 6 beauty expos in China including Guangzhou and Shanghai to demonstrate the excellence of her skills. In fact the synophrys, which created a sensation in China in 2011, was the work of Kim who gained a title ‘the history and the legend of semi-permanent’. Her shop in China became an enormous success and a story goes that she was paid US$8,940 for a single operation at one time. 

Eyebrow as the decisive factor 
At Bianca Beauty Academy, specialists find the grain of eyebrow to make the lines look as natural as possible. If women were the beneficiary of this beauty practice, increasing number of men are also taking part nowadays. It is said that eyebrow and eye line are the two decisive parts of the whole face and even a slight change to the parts can bring a significant difference. 

“Eyebrow especially is the most important part of face. I can say that a change to even one eyebrow gives the person confidence and creates positive energy. The keywords for an impressive eyebrow are young, graceful, intellectual and sophisticated” says Kim. 

Fostering industry specialists
Bianca Beauty Academy currently is running five stores in Korea including Daejeon, Busan and Incheon and 3 stores in China: Shenzhen, Dongguan and Taizhou. The store in Taizhou in particular is 3,305 square meters big and has practice rooms and teaching rooms. 

Bianca Beauty Academy has its own curriculum including one to one lesson and it is run on 3 times a week on 3 month basis and students can move on to 6 month instructor’s course after completing the course. CEO Kim is confident to say that one month training at Bianca Beauty Academy can be compared with the 5 to 6 year experienced depending on one’s talent and the level of engagement. 

“The curriculum provides down-to-earth theory, practice and on-job training as well as client interactions. You will notice that many of our students are those who took a course or two in other places” says Kim. 

14th International Beauty Arts Expo
Kim, who is serving as the president of the Federation of International Beauty Artists Association, encourages all beauticians and industry specialists to participate in the 14th International Beauty Arts Expo held on 6 April this year. “The expo can be a good opportunity to know what is going on the market now. Also it can be a test bed for themselves to check on their level of skill and perfection in comparison with others.”


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