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Rotary District 3661 promotes generous heart in our society






President Kim Sung-hwan

Helping people in need makes us feel good
Kim Sung-hwan, the president of Rotary District 3661, is famous for his willing heart to help people in need. Helping others makes us feel good and is beneficial to the needy. However, this’ feel-goodness’ is only worth when we did the action out of our sincere heart. Helping others for display, show off or on purpose makes the action despicable. 

“We don’t have to have a lot of money to help people in need. It just takes even a penny you earned as long as you have a will to share it with people” says Kim. 

Taking over the steering wheel of Rotary District 3661 as the 39th president, Kim increased the membership to 30 from 20, gave out scholarship of US$8,178 to one college student, one middle school student and five high school students. He and the members also donated chairs, tables, sofas, lightings and a fridge worth US$4,894 to a book café as part of vocational training programs for severely disabled as well as US$17,795 to the Busan Center for Brain Lesions Disability. 

“Helping people in need not only assist them both materially and emotionally but it makes us feel happy and rich. The more I help others the more I feel rewarded. That’s why I do this. All members of Rotary District 3661 have high moral standards in what they are doing and believe in the value that money we earned actually belongs to society.” 

Embracing is better than ignoring
Since its opening 40 years ago, Rotary District 3661 has generated a total of US$539,097 for 1 graduate student, 153 college students, 304 high school students and 84 middle school students. Also, it has donated a total of 2 Kia Carnival, 6 physical therapy devices, a number of portable baths and orthotherapy devices, and installations of kinesthesia rooms. 

“Being disabled shouldn’t be a problem to lead as normal a life as others since everybody has right to enjoy a happy life. Our job is to support them to make that happen and we don’t need to call it a ‘help’ but a sense of our duty as members of our society as a whole. All members of Rotary District 3661 feel really rewarded especially the children, who we are helping, grow their dream and bring change to their life every day.”




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