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Nothing but natural ingredient mask packs

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Having a healthy skin has always been in the center of beauty. What makes people more worried nowadays is the frequent attacking of the fine and ultra-fine dusts that causes skin troubles. Some people pay a visit to clinics but some people prefer mask packs for soothing their kin. 9 WILL is a Korean mask pack specialist run by two brothers who has made a great success in China.

Creating sensation in China
The two brothers established 9 WILL in May 2017 and released the first product after 2 months with China as the targeted market. Jang Sung-dong who lives in China is in charge of marketing, and younger brother Jang Jung-dong in charge of distribution and sales in Korea. It is remarkable to know that 9WILL obtained a CFDA license within a year which normally takes more than 2 years. 

“Obtaining the license led us to pioneer the market in Hong Kong and we are currently working to knock on the doors of Indonesia and Mexico. We ascribe this success to competitiveness of our products” says CEO Jang Jung-dong. 

Nothing but natural ingredients
The 3 lines of 9 WILL mask pack only used the ‘safety grade’ of the EWG. The 3 lines are ‘nutrition mask’ that contains honey, ‘moisturizing mask’ that contains collagen and ‘brightening mask’ that contains bamboo leaves. The natural honey comes from Yeongcheon City in North Gyeongsang Province and the bamboo comes from Jiri Mountain. It is noteworthy that bamboo has whitening effect. 

The mask packs are also natural and adhere to the skin firmly. It is known that more than half of the people who use masks in China prefer natural sheets. Natural sheets better deliver the essence of the ingredients to the skin and they are thin. The moisture is ample that you can apply the sheet to elbow or heel afterwards where the skin often gets dry and rough. 

“All our products passed skin trouble test and toxic test and are praised for excellent moisturizing and soothing effects thanks to the natural ingredients we used. As for the year 2019, we will be working on expanding the product lines to cosmetics and daily goods while actively engaging in business partnerships” says CEO Jang Jung-dong. 







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