Vitality and warmness delivered by musical colors

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▲ Kim Young-ok

“I want to sing the world. I want to dance on the canvas with rhythmic melodies and mysterious nature like children bright and pure. I want fly with wings of charming colors when in a room of sadness and depression. I feel free and positive with Mozart’s concerto and comfort with Tchaikovsky’s Andante Cantabile.” – Artist’s note –

Like melodies flow on canvas
Kim enjoys painting still life and landscape. She is a colorist delivering images of brightness and positive. Flowers, trees, seas, skies and small villages are singing freely in her works. The steeple of church, tree-like violin, harbor and boat touch the blue sea and the flower in the simple vase whispers with smile. Blue, green and pink raise a feel of warmness. The titles of the works are sending melodies: <Spring Sonata>, <Singing Slowly>, <Cantabile> and <Greeting of Love>. 

Kim majored in violin. Art critic Hwang Hyo-soon once said “Kim sees and interprets nature like music and her art world is becoming herself with this musical screen on the canvas.” Kim seems to imitate the world but emphasizes modern brush work and colorings at the same time. Art critic Park Young-taek said “Kim’s works seem to have traces of the representational painting and the modified forms of Korean counterpart. She reminds us of detailed images of outer world but enriches her inner expressions with brush and paint simultaneously.” 

Lyrical and touch, sensuous and autonomous colors
Kim shifts from still life to houses in nature. She returns her inner feeling, lyricism and esthetic impulse to gorgeous and sensuous colors. The brush and knife mixed the paints and formed thick layers, the layout is distorted, the surface is strengthened and looks like both a picture and an object at the same time. 

The chosen objects in her works might be the things that touched her heart with beauty and poetic inspiration. The works are consisted of clear and strong colors. The splendid colors co-exist with a method of flatness. Those who appreciated Kim’s works testify “It is bright and pure as children, and houses seem to be personified in her work.” “It is like singing within a melody of the music and it creates warm and happy feeling.”

Bright and positive energy
Kim finds things of beauty and sensuously recreates by adding formative elements. Lyricism and touch are intact yet the autonomous side of the art is present. The music in her works flows visually and it is the phenomenon she intended to make from the very beginning. 

“I want to show my message of harmony, love and share. I want to deliver bright and positive energy” says Kim. She wants to see the world as beautiful, abundant and warm where we can sing and dance within. 

Kim has held 6 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group and invitational exhibitions home and abroad. She displayed 30 works with the violin and scores she played in her debut exhibition. As her master’s graduation work last year, she displayed a large work (333.3cam × 248.5cam) titled <Spring Sonata>. As for the year 2019, she intends to walk the road with the same passion and diligence as an artist like she always did. 

▲ 사랑의 인사 90.9X72.7cm oil on canvas 2016

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