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Bringing innovation to scaffolding: Nemo System Scaffolding

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CEO Jueng Hun-cho

Scaffolding is a temporary structure on the outside of a building used by workers while building, repairing or cleaning the building. Since it plays the supporting role, however, the safety of scaffolding is often ignored and this carelessness sometimes leads the workers to accidents. There has been an effort of improvement but the cost often discourages the constructors. 

Introducing semi-permanent ‘Nemo System Scaffolding’
One of the drawbacks of scaffolding is that the constructors must change it with new one when it gets worn out. The problem is the cost. So some careless constructors reused the old scaffolding carelessly and it was often resulted in accidents. 

Scaffolding is normally made of steel but steel is vulnerable to the weather and wear out. Established in 2016, Nemo Scaffolding focused on this and introduced semi-permanent ‘Nemo System Scaffolding’ made of high strength pure aluminum. The main body and all other components are made of this aluminum and it is erosion-free and semi-permanent. Unlike the existing circular steel-frame, it is designed in square to make transport, load and installation and disassemble easy. 

Safe and clean working environment
One of the common scaffoldings used in building is steel pipe scaffolding thanks to easy installation. However, its poor solidity played negative. Nemo System Scaffolding, on the other hand, improved this drawback by standardized one body vertical, horizontal and stair members that comes with basic footing and stair installation. It is costly compared to steel pipe scaffolding but it gives more solidity and safety in return. 

It is noteworthy that the government is funding the installation fee up to US$17,877 in accordance with its strengthened safety policy. The government has allocated $29 million budget this year, an $8 million more than the last year and also covers part of purchasing safety equipment in the construction sites. Furthermore, the ‘clean working environment project’ is to be in full swing this year which makes the using of Nemo System Scaffolding is but highly beneficial. 

“Europe started to use system scaffoldings 40 years ago while Japan 20 years ago and Korea 10 years ago. Business-wise, the European market is more promising than the domestic market for now due to the high level of demand. So we are working on pioneering the market aggressively at the moment.”

According to a test, Nemo System Scaffolding can load additional 41,706kg more than the existing scaffoldings, a reason to have raised its safety at a considerable level. What is more, Nemo System Scaffolding has good design so that it looks agreeable rather than shabby and avoidable.

Patents and joint venture
The outstanding technology of Nemo Scaffolding, in fact, was well recognized by obtaining a KTR certification in Korea, CE certification in Europe and JIS certification in Japan before even establishing the company. It was not easy for a small company to be recognized by high advanced countries in the field like the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the UK. But the Nemo Scaffolding’s application of high strength aluminum technique surprised them with ‘wow’. 

Thanks to this remarkable achievement, numerous companies are already asking a contract including affiliates of Samsung Electronics. Taking the momentum, CEO Jueng recently established a joint venture ‘OshioNemo Scaffolding’ in Osaka with the 400 year old Japanese Oshio Sangyo and has drawn a US$918,481 export contract. 

Smart factory and sensor technology
Encouraged by this rapid expansion of business, Nemo Scaffolding is planning to open a smart factory to further increase the safety. Opening a factory in China is a part of this effort with focus on minimizing the error factors. 

“We are ambitious to release a new type of system by combining scaffolding and detection sensor in near future. Seismic design is common in Japan due to constant earthquake and we will apply the similar design to scaffolding since Korea also is longer immune to earthquake.”

Nemo System Scaffolding has many advantages in terms of safety, convenience and the government’s stricter safety policies and subsidies. Korea has observed many accidents in construction sites for many years and now is the time we take bolder action to reduce the frequency at a significant level by using safer construction devices and equipment. 







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