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Bitsonic sheds a new light in crypto currency trade

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Shin Jin-wook

The fever for crypto currencies seems to continue for a while despite the recent price drop. The so called ‘mining’ of the currencies are being heated up the market globally and Bitcoin and Ethereum are in the center of the cave somewhere underground. Japan takes initiative and is working on introducing self-imposed control system in the crypto currency exchange and taxing the profits generated from the mining and trading. 

The market recently, however, is drawing a down line with Bitcoin records US$4,944 as of last month, a 75% drop compared to US$19,783 in the same month last year. Meanwhile, various kinds of crypto currencies are being introduced with differentiated benefits and services worldwide including Korea. 

It is notable that more than 3 crypto currency exchanges are being opened every month in Korea and some say the market is entering like the Warring States period in ancient China. Among these seemingly flooding out cryptocurrency exchanges in the market, Skoopmedia’s Bitsonic is taking the center stage of attention with unprecedented services. 

Bitsonic is a profit share-based crypto currency exchange and up to 90% of the profits are shared with the investors; it is the first share-based operation in Korea. So the more trade of the exchange, the more profits shared with the investors. 

Bitcoin and Ethereum have each different blockchain algorithm; the former PoW and the latter PoS. The mining type exchanges are built based on PoW. The more trade made in the mining type exchanges, however, the lack of possibility for the mining and the system also is vulnerable to outside attack. Bitsonic, therefore, introduced DPoS (Delegated PoS) by improving these drawbacks for safer and faster services.

The DPoS encourages both the exchange and the investors grow together as more trade is being made. It is only natural, for this reason, that Bitsonic Coin stayed the top of the search words in the main portal sites in Korea for several days after the listing. 

“The DPoS can trade around 170 kinds of virtual coins when interlocked with other platforms and the number will keep rising. If the mining type exchanges resulted in price drop and thus low earning due to the fact that the supply couldn’t meet the demand, Bitsonic lets the investors to have the right to trade directly which indeed is innovative” says Skoopmedia CEO Shin Jin-wook. 

Bitsonic has made this system possible by choosing IEO instead of ICO. The existing ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is similar to IPO (Initial Public Offering) and invites pre-investment and compensates crypto currency in return; it is profitable for initial investors but disadvantageous for the investors with less fund. Also, the ICO scam is creating a negative image and an air of market anxiety. 

IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), on the other hand, secures the necessary minimum fund before listing followed by additional invitation of the fund through transparent public announcement after the listing. The investors use this as index to see the business model and the profitability; it also reduces the initial investment risk.

It is notable that Bitsonic launched app services first before the exchange for the convenience of their clients. Bitsonic facilitated direct check up on various IEO services through simple purchase and also a convenient UI for easy and faster trading. In addition, Bitsonic provides charts similar to the securities HTS for those who want higher level trading experience. 

Skoopmedia CEO Shin is a computer programmer and an IT system security specialist. He developed the famous apps Baemin, Socar, NaverWebtoon, Memebox and Sudamama as well as the famous Kakao Talk emoticons Jurumy and Donggeuri. 

Shin and 40 of his team members gathered their capability and worked together in one mind to launch Bitsonic. These specialists are now working on building crypto currency investment platforms such as Allbit and Ionia for effective partnership; the team is ambitious to suggest new open market platforms for investors to mine better virtual currencies. 

Open market is the counterpart term of main market. Open market is the secondary exchange if the main market is the primary exchange. In the open market, the blockchain project teams can freely list coins and make trade. As for the Bitsonic’s part, Shin and the team are to deposit Bitsonic coin initially in an effort to better protect investor’s money.

“Lack of confidence in virtual currencies probably has played the main obstacle to put investors’ money in the market. So we feel a great sense of duty to establish a highly trustable exchange by using the most of our technique, ideas and visions” says Shin. 


构Open Market۰务

() SKOOPMEDIA“Bitsonic”ʥ货币务与传统ʥ货币务与户90%韩国ʫʥ货币ᶡ随长户获称为ʥ货币双头马车币۩区块链运ߩ则币PoW۰ң۩则属PoS۰ңʥ货币场߾欢挖PoW۰务挖务续时间长挖ʦݻ击á为󮣬Bitsonic经过PoW۰DPoS(Delegated PoS)۰ң进ʥ务


够进这种务为Bitsonic进传统ICO۰进IEO۰ҡICO(Initial Coin Offering)种类业开概ҷ虑ͳ术(货币)值场远进Ѣ资为补偿ʥ货币۰ҡ项异ӣ߾Ѣ参与结构参与额较个资损结构 

ӣBitsonicIEO(Initial Exchange Offering)߾确开发资ѣ߾过٥ͱʥ筹资资۰这将为广户确认务ټ标ʦ减轻Ѣ资风险优á为够让费Σ网߾务应务ֵ瞩们拥术实 


Bitsonic慎进电脑设计师ITͧ统专ʫ从NEXON独ءء() SKOOPMEDIA开发“达”“SOCAR”“ NAVER WEBTOON”“ MEMEBOX”“唠叨妈妈”续户欢应KakaoTalkݬ号“JURUMY”“DDONGGRI”种务们为Bitsonic߾㼣拥40٣开发ᣬ继续开发够给费概ҷ货币务

为߾ҽ环们发货币⣬还构与ALLBITIONIAʥ货币资间务并为挖ʥ丰ݣ优货币Open Market与1ݻMain Marketң2ݻOpen Market߾区块链项组ʦ߾货币为кͧ统ͣڣ预Bitsonic币ҽ挖够护资ӫ慎٥远负Գ“过ʥ货币场߾资׵ʦ们Bitsonic将继续确ء责场过扩备专业开发确竞争”

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