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▲ Park Ro-ha

If you want a girlfriend but don’t know how to make one, you should pay attention to Opera Dating Academy. Why academy? Because going out needs a certain skill like you need it to carry out a certain task or job. What skill? Tons of: how to find, how to say hello, how to say sorry, where to eat, where to coffee, where to propose, you name it. 

Around 700 men have had consulting with the dating expert Park Ro-ha of Opera Dating Academy for the last 2 and half years and they are prosecutors, lawyers, doctors, artists and many more. They still receive Park’s practical advice time to time in his Kakao group talk which has around 400 members. 

“I want to make sure that Opera Dating Academy is not a dating site. It rather is a consulting firm specialized in human relations between men and women. The core value of these relations is how you are looked by others. For example, your inconsiderate choice of words is accumulated in other’s consciousness day by day and forms a negative impression about you. My job as a dating expert is to turn these habitually cemented words of yours to agreeable and charming words for the woman you are interested in or the people around you” explains Park.

For this reason, Park is strictly avoiding flirting technique which often is used to hook a woman for a short time pleasure. So his method is strictly focused on building a good dialogue skill and how to apply it in what situation. This of his method is being proved effective if we look at the number of his YouTube channel subscribers: 33,000. 

“A dialogue involves many subjects and they often hit us unexpectedly. If you give a wrong word in a particular situation, your level of attraction goes down. For example, you met your girlfriend who finished an interview a few hours ago and asked “How was it? Was it good?” like many men do typically. If you thought a little deeper, you would encourage her by saying “Take some rest because you might have had a hard day today. You deserve it. Don’t worry it will turn out ok”. Why? Nine out of ten interviewees already feel fear and ruined.”

Another good example, Park advises, is not to ask “What musical was it?” Musical is still relatively less known genre unlike movies in the cinema. So you don’t know about the musical even if your girlfriend says it or she might be already thinking “Would he know about this musical?” The result is that the dialogue gets insipid or cut completely in the middle. 

Park grew up emotionally unstable under the influence of his financially confident patriarchal father and professor mother. He felt thirsty for love and discouraged by his poor social skill. 

It was when Park worked at a convenient store part time that he observed carefully how the store manager kept a good relationship with others by witty words and manners. Park took a note of what he said and act and started to copy. The copying eventually developed into a greater enthusiasm on studying dialogue skills and human relations. The method of Opera Academy is nothing but the essence of this yearlong research and practice. 

“It is regretful that some people still see this kind of ‘dating’ business with doubtful eye. I understand that as some sites focused on that only. But it truly is time that we started to see this ‘dating’ business as a professional area of services like we get consulting on our finance, insurance and such.”  

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