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Naturally made shampoo attracts hearts of wellbeing enthusiasts

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It is not surprising to hear the news that a product is found such and such chemical substances nowadays. It is sad to say that we are rather tired of hearing such ill-made products likes humidifier sterilizer, cancer-causing sanitary pads, and radon beds, and the seemingly handmade cookies, and so on, you name it.

For this reason, more and more people are eager in searching of naturally made products and some of them indeed have not disappointed their royal customers.

Creative WITH is a home shopping marketing company established in 2013. The business grew steadily and saw a rapid increase after being a corporation in 2016. Recently, the company is enjoying an explosive response from wellbeing enthusiasts and the sales is soaring high through department stores and home shopping channels thanks to its innovative shampoo brand KIRANIA; Kirana means beauty in Sanskrit. 

KIRANIA does not contain anychemical substances, which might be found in other shampoo products, but only the natural substances such as centella, green tea extract, argan tree kernel oil, macadamia seed oil, Mexican juniper oil and peppermint oil.

KIRANIA passed 6 kinds of tests on human body and obtained Green Technology Certification. Since its release in 2016, KIRANIA has been sold 1.5 million units and recorded a total of 15 billion won sales. 

“I believe health and beauty come from nature. But our skin seems to suffer from chemical substances every day. In the same respect, naturally made products do not need to be expensive. So I focused on both quality and good price” says Lee Ha-min, CEO of Creative WITH.

Lee majored in textile engineering but worked at a home shopping vendor in charge of planning and marketing afterwards. She started her own business with make-up and cleansing products and expanded the lines to curl & volume cream before introducing KIRANIA and the follow-up body wash and toothpaste brands, made also with 100% natural substances. The toothpaste in particular contains 50,000ppm of xylitol alongside expensive natural substances like mastic oil and propolis. 

Taking the success of these products as a momentum, Lee is pushing forward development of natural detergents that will improve the drawbacks of the current powder or liquid based products. Meanwhile, KIRANIA shampoo is waiting for the result of a sanitary license from China on which Creative WITH will pioneer global market in earnest. 

Lee Ha-min


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们开费时妆净质پ护质垫ʦ对弯پ发DUSOL BEAUTY CURL&VOLUME CREAM产KIRANIA纯发产开扩产围终100%纯发产


继续开发纯剂关负她称“绿产ټң过真实产费态产开发” 与时() CreativeWithʥ备国ϢKIRANIA纯发进卫许ʦ阶ӫ坚们够对值赖产热ʥ辉٥() CreativeWith终坚产产ҷ还将过产样发ʥ国际业

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