The 6th Seoul International Sportskigong Competition for All draws 10,000 people from 13 countries

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The 6th Seoul International Sportskigong Competition for All had a grand opening on October 9th at Family Garden, Seoul Forest. This second open air event followed by the first one at Seoul Plaza last year drew 10,000 members of the Korea Kookhak Kigong Association home and 13 countries including the US, UK, Japan, China, Canada, Qatar, Lebanon, Sudan, Greece, Spain, Italy and the Philippines. 

Held under the slogan 'Be Friends! For Health, Happy and Peaceful World!', the competition this year was hosted by the Korea Kookhak Kigong Association, supervised by the Seoul Sports Council and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Seoul Metropolitan City, National Sports Promotion Corporation, Korean Sport & Olympic Committee, Sportsdonga, monthly <Power Korea>, Brain Media and Earth Citizen Movement Alliance. 

The Korea Kookhak Kigong Association was established in 1980 and became a permanent member of the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee in 2016. The training programs of the association have spread much and they are now being practiced around 5,000 parks, welfare centers, public offices and schools in Korea. 

Kookhak Kigong is a combination of Sundo (a traditional Korean body and mind training method) and Hongik Ingan (Korean humanitarianism). The training mainly includes movements for energy, breathing, meditation and naval healing.

To add more excitement to the competition this year, a congratulatory opening recreation and a performance by Benjamin School for Character Education followed by a mass Kookhak Kigong performance took place. 

Seoul mayor Park gives congratulatory address
In his congratulatory address, Seoul mayor Park Won-soon said "I'm pleased to congratulate the 6th Seoul International Sportskigong Competition for All. I hope you make the most of your skills gained through hard training this year. 

I also hope the competition will be an opportunity for harmony and enjoyment. I would like to show my sincere gratitude to you who flew from far and wide to participate the competition in Seoul. Have a great time in this beautiful autumn weather in Seoul."

In his words of encouragement, Global Cyber University chancellor Lee Seung-hun said "It was 38 years ago I broke the day at dawn at a park in which I met a patient with stroke. I showed how he should train his body to be healthy and it was the start of the now globally recognized Kookhak Kigong today. 

Alongside Kookhak Kigong, brain education is widely practiced in El Salvador and principals, teachers, students and parents have made a great change in schools, local communities, and the societies as whole thanks to the excellence values of brain education and Kookhak Kigong."

In his opening remark, the Korea Kookhak Kigong Association chairman Gwon Ki-sun said "The importance of Sport for All is increasing year by year. I believe the 6th Seoul International Sportskigong Competition for All will be a momentum to spread the excellence of Kookhak Kigong to the world. I hope you remember that promoting friendship is more important than winning the prizes. Make good friends and memories."

Korean Sport & Olympic Committee vice chairman said "Kookhak Kigong is our traditional body and mind training and it is widely practiced in the world today. It has contributed to raising mental and physical health of the people as well as humanity and filial piety in our society."

Kookhak Kigong was started by Lee Seung-hun in 1980 and it was originated from Korean 'Sundo'. Though the beginning seemed humble, it has grown today to have held the 6th global competition and one of the best festivals in Korea that draws around 10,000 members to the event. 

The competitors displayed their skills on Ilji Kigong, Chunbu Shingong, Dangong, Ji kigong, Danmu 12, Yuleo Kigong and Creative Kigong and the grand prize winners gave special performances 

The founder of Kookhak Kigong Lee Seung-hun is credited for spreading brain education alongside Kookhak Kigong globally and received José Simeón Cañas, the top prize given by the El Salvador government, on September 12, local time, from El Salvador Foreign Affairs Minister Carlos Alfredo Castaneda for spreading its excellence to 1,800 schools in El Salvador. 

Also, Lee is the one who wrote <I Decided to Live 120 Years>. The book is melted with Lee's years of knowledge and experience in brain education that can change one's life. 

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