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▲ Kim Dae-yu, CEO of MP Stock

Mark this quote!
“Most people get interested in stocks when everyone else is. The time to get interested is when no one else is. You can't buy what is popular and do well” - Warren Buffett. 

What makes him bigger than this remark is the fact that he had nothing in his hand when he first started and climbed up to the highest peak of the mountain with his own effort. 

Building principle and rules!
Kim Dae-yu, CEO of MP Stock, has somewhat similar start like Warren Buffett. Back in his 20s, Korea saw a boom of securities investment and Kim observed many fell into great loss and among them was his father whom he admired and loved dearly. However, it ignited his interest in securities to a greater level that he read extensively of more than 300 books home and abroad including charts of the Harvard Institute of Economic Research while sleeping 3 hours or so a day. So he started with nothing in his hand but with his own knowledge, principle and rules. 10 years have passed and he now is CEO of MP Stock that has 1,000 members. 

On the same boat towards success!
“Over 90% of the information I update on the site is exactly the same one I use. In other words, we are on the same boat to either win or lose” assures Kim. And over 90% of the information is the result of his thorough research and analysis and above all confidence and 100% honesty. So, the more trust you give the better sailing towards success together! “I trusted him with my seed money and gained 35% return on my initial investment within 3 month. I simply was just shocked and thanked Kim again again” said a member name ‘Humble Investor’. For more information, visit 

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