Going to the peak of the art world through constant challenge

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▲ Artist Ahn Kil-won aka Chunghwi

Towards unity of man and nature!
Artist Ahn is famous for using unique materials he invented as well as his challenging spirit. He explains creating art works is a process of training his mind through which he can push up his works to the level where man and nature become one. Ahn always gives a thought to the past, present and future of his life before starting a work in order to find a new person in him. As part of this effort, he tries to demolish the classical styles in order to rebuild them in his own styles and composition. One might find that the colors, mountains, fields and seas appearing in Ahn’s works are splendid and overwhelming. This is because he has climbed the Baekdudaegan (mountain ranges starting from Paektu Mountain to Halla Mountain through Kumgang, Seorak and Jiri mountains) 4 times, walked along the East coast 4 times and the West and the South coasts 5 times to find new materials nearest to the colors of gold and cobalt in our native land. His works <Gunmu>, <Gojeok>, <Gwangandaegyo>, <Geumchuilpok>, <Bryan Canyon>, <Muryeongdowon>, <Hanpanseung> and <Tohamsanha>are good examples in which you might understand his view to see the landscape of our native land. “I pursue unity of man and nature. I traveled far and wide including museums in the world. I felt that many city dwellers seem to be losing the wisdom of our ancestors who lived closely as part of nature. And I found a value of my works in forming a communication with the God of nature” says Ahn. 

Visiting 61 countries, receiving numerous citations and prizes!
Most of Ahn’s works are bigger than a size of 259cm x 193cm. This seems necessary for him to deliver the splendidness of nature onto one single canvas. He also obtained a patent for his unique materials and these materials have played a great part to spread uniqueness of his works to the world. It is surprising to know that his works are normally sold at the value of 4 million won (USD$3,500) per size of 23cm x 16cm. Ahn studied in France, Russia and China and has been invited by 61 countries. From oriental to western and from landscape to portrait, he spread his wings of talent in many exhibitions and attracted around 1,000 people to a single solo exhibition alone once. And many art critiques and collectors home and abroad praised his works. As a versatile artist, Ahn has obtained 18 certificates including master and doctoral degrees relating to art, education, theology, counseling and oriental medicine. A total of 25 solo exhibitions alone were good enough for him to receive numerous citations and prizes from the president, minister of home affairs, Busan mayor, governor of Gangwon Province, Venice Biennale and Buckingham Palace. 


Fostering young talents, contributing to Korean art and culture!
Ahn served as a professor and a member of the board at Chongshin US Military Academy and currently is fostering young talents at Chongshin US Seminary alongside running the Chunghwi Ahn Kil Won Art Institute. He also is serving as the president of the BSI and is a member of various art, natural and alternative medicines, mentoring and social security organizations including the Korean Fine Arts Association and the World Mentoring Association. “Many people seem to think that art is difficult to understand. But I think a communication between the artist and viewers can be made if the former tries to be sincere to his/her works. Likewise, I will give more effort than ever in creating works with which I can communicate with more people. It is my hope that my works can contribute to the development of Korean art and culture and to an effort in recovering our lost humanity.”

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