Hadong County set sail for modernization

김태인 기자l승인2018.07.19






▲ Youn Sang-ki, Mayor of Hadong County

Pushing forward advancement of the county
Hadong County rolled up its sleeve to create a better and strong county where 500,000 residents can lead a happier life than ever before. Mayor Youn Sang-ki paid his attention first to normalizing the Galsa Bay Industrial Complex and is pushing forward the plan to resume the construction within the year by inviting large scale investments and parceling out. The Daesong Industrial Complex has come next to his eye and he intends to complete it also by the end of the year since it is showing 90% of completion rate. Alongside these two complexes, the Duwoo Leisure Complex is being pushed forward in order to attract tourists home and abroad. Improvements are also to be made at Mularae Gohyangpogu (an inlet) while expanding the support for job search and social enterprises. A cable car, trail, resort are to be introduced around the Geumo Mountain and an ecology park is to be created in Hwagaegol around the Jiri Mountain. Disused railways are to be used again as rail bikes and various tourism facilities are to be introduced. 

Export driven county, welfare county
The county targets to achieve more than USD$100 million export by creating an export complex, increasing the production of green tea powder for Starbucks and Paris Croissant, building a smart farm and an eco-friendly belt (agricultural pesticides free zone) around the Hwagae, Akyang and Cheongam regions, listing the Seomjin River corbicula (shellfish) in the National Agricultural Asset, and promoting local flower festivals. In terms of welfare, the county is to run an elderly university, 100 won tax fare, senior choir, and one day one job project and to build a new concept welfare center for elderly and disabled as well as a protection center for women and children. As for the hygiene, the county is improving medical services and building a quarantine information system to prevent any infectious diseases at firsthand. 

Education, renewable energy and environment
The county is creating 20 billion won scholarship fund alongside running a VR, 3D printing, science experience and science camp programs. Also bringing up is a support for international camp, English camp in Korea, cultural experience programs overseas, international exchanges, and setting up a sisterhood with cities in the world. The county is ambitious in creating an energy independent city through renewable energy and in introducing 10 carbon-free villages. An ecology park is also created around the Seomjin River in order to protect the endangered species. Public houses are to be built that can accommodate 1,000 households to attract young populations while high-speed railway is on the table to improve transportation system of the county.

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