A good education is to teach how to catch a fish

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Q. How can we better teach English to our children?
A. Knowing about the child is very important; what she loves and what she hates and what her tendency is. We must, therefore, avoid rote learning. This is because the children we are talking here are not native speakers. So the education should ideally be coincided with each of their development stage. Children’s development requires development of cognitive ability and personality building. A good English teaching, I think, must have creative class contents on the skillful side and effective ability building on the personality side. 
Q. You are suggesting the importance of ‘tailored teaching’?
A. Absolutely. You do not just choose an English kindergarten to learn English but you choose it to learn a variety of educational programs but with English instead of Korean. I say again you must avoid teaching just A, B, C but it must be done in consideration of what the child likes or dislikes, what age she belongs to, and what she is best at, etc. Like you just said, the teaching should be ‘customized’, or ‘tailored’ if you like to call it. I would like to point out, at this stage, that the keyword of the curriculum of Tag Members is ‘active and participatory’. It’s easy to give a delicious dish of grilled fish to the child but it’s more fun to teach the child how to catch a fish. 
Q. Tell me about the curriculum.
A. The curriculum of Tag Members is built on the teaching contents of prestigious private schools in the US, and my 20 years of experience in the field. The curriculum includes philosophy, personality and etiquette as well as arts and physical education. It is designed to maximize children’s ability to speak and write both English and Korean fluently and to improve their social communication skills. The educational specialists at Tag Members boast more than 10 years of experience and we had extensive meetings to bring the most effective curriculum possible before launching the business. 
Q. I heard you run an event called Market Day?
A. I think it is important to teach children the beauty of sharing. The idea of Market Day is that children bring things they are not using at home to sell and to donate the profit to the UNICEF. We also donate rice and canned food to Good Neighbors, and the profit generated by selling pictures of children to support children with rare diseases. We believe that children can think things over why we should recycle, why we feel happy when we share and how children on the opposite side of the world are doing through these activities. 
Q. How do you interact with parents?
A. We run Propensity Test in the parent’s point of view by inviting a specialist. The test leads to an in-depth meeting with parents and the specialist draws the parts that the parents have not known about their children. We also strongly advise parents to be rational and reasonable when they have to engage in an event that requires disciplinary action. 
Q. Tell me about Tag Members Camp? 
A. It takes place in July. During the 15 days of the camp, children can improve speaking and communication skills through various discussion subjects from excerpts of newspapers. The programs of the camp also include football, singing and arts. The goal of the camp is to give children an opportunity of experiencing customized curriculums of prestigious private schools in the US. You might feel like as if you are in the US at the camp. 
Q. What is your advice to educators and parents?
A. I believe children should grow their ability of solving problems themselves and of deciding what is right and what is wrong. Of course it can’t be done at once but practice makes perfect. And the ‘practice’ requires balanced educational contents. As for the parents, though I have mentioned this already before, I advise you not to pick up things you think you are right to the hands of your children but let them choose it and compliment if it is good or explain why it is not good. So again, teach them how to fish.  

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