Keeping and passing down the wonder of chusache and beyond

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▲ Calligrapher Dowon Park Sung-ah

Chusa Kim Jeong-hui
Chusache is the unique style of calligraphy of Kim Jeong-hui (1786~1856), one of the most celebrated calligraphers in the later Joseon Dynasty era. Chusache comes from his nickname ‘chusa’. Like many geniuses in the world, his talent did not confine to the brilliancy of calligraphy but also to drawing that almost all Korea people might know: <Sehando>. Indeed, Kim wowed many scholars of the Qing dynasty, his fellow artists and his pupils during his time and after. One might cannot praise him enough of his genius by just saying “he was a master of his craft”. Nested on the foot of the Jiri Mountain in Hadong County is calligrapher Park Sung-ah who has been keeping and passing down ‘chusache’ to the time we are living. 

▲ 역지

Keeping and passing down the wonder of chusache and beyond
Nicknamed ‘Dowon’, Park Sung-ah is the best pupil of Jung Kim (1906~1999) who were received as the one who best reproduced ‘chusache’. Jung Kim also was one of the authorities of the calligraphy circle in South Gyeongsang Province alongside Jung Myeong-su (1909~1999). Park rose to fame by making a ripple with her revived ‘chusachae’ in the calligraphy circle then centered in anjinggyeongchae, guyangsunchae and wangxizhiche, all Chinese. It is quite remarkable that she has only focused on reviving ‘chusachae’ for the 45 years of her calligraphy career. She has had four times solo exhibitions with the first one in 1978 and credited for realizing the brushworks of the ‘chusachae’ at a marvelous level. “I believe that chusachae is THE most advanced style of all calligraphy that embraced jeon, yea, hae, hang and cho in harmony. Indeed it is a very difficult to revive and many talented calligraphers have praised the style but dare not have made an attempt to try” said Park and added “Chusachae shows what Korean calligraphy truly is at its purest. It is regretful that the Korean calligraphy circle still seems to cling to the Chinese styles. See what others doing with K-pop, K-drama, K-sports and K-food but K-calligraphy? I just feel that a little bit of effort from the Korean government will surely bring a substantial change to the people’s awareness of our ancestor’s splendid achievement and then much more will follow naturally.” She quoted saying of Chusa Kim Jeong-hui “A ten thousand books is needed to make a beautiful calligraphy and a picture.”

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