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Photo catalysis technology loaded air purifier changes the game

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Kim Seung-jin, CEO of APC Tech

Introducing innovative filter-less air purifier ‘Air Doctor’
Everybody knows how bad the find dust is to our body. It is mainly consisted of nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide commonly occurs when burning fossil fuel. While many Koreans are alarmed by the constant visit of this uninvited guest recently, experts predict a huge growth of the air purifier market up to 2.5 trillion won by 2020. What makes APC Tech stand out among the rival air purifier makers is at its innovative ‘Air Doctor’. It is developed by improving the all the drawbacks of the existing air purifiers in the market. “I used photo catalysis technology to introduce Air Doctor that is effectively removing fine dust and ultra-fine dust as well as yellow dust” said CEO Kim Seung-jin. The industry uses the oxidation and decomposition functions of photo catalysis to purify the air and it reacts to ultraviolet rays. One of the biggest differences of Air Doctor from others is that you do not need to change the filter since it hasn’t any thanks to the Russian patented technology and the next generation photo catalysis technology of APC Tech; instead it uses natural convection which makes it possible for you to use it semi-permanently. 

AC-10 to be released this August
The models of Air Doctor are AC-10 designed for tables or cars, AC-20 for rooms, AC-200 for living rooms or small offices, and AC-400 for large offices or public spaces. Air Doctor’s next generation photo catalysis technology also makes photolytic reaction even under ultraviolet rays, visible rays (room lighting) or in the darkness. In addition, it does not make any noise at all so that you can sleep sound and you do not need to change any parts of Air Doctor except ultraviolet ray lamp. CEO Kim is ambitious to release AC-10 in August this year. For this, Kim has worked together with the new materials engineering professor Kim Jung-sik at University of Seoul since last March. 

Targets are KONEX and KOSDAQ
Kim worked for LG from 1981, and in the instrumentation and control division of VitzroSys from 1990 to 2010 during which he was promoted to vice president and to CEO. In fact, Kim is the one who localized the supervisory control system which then was dominated by the US and Japan. He grew VitzroSys as a leader of transmission network and remote supervisory control system as well as water treatment decentralized control system. It was 2014 that he retired from VitzroSys to establish APC Tech. Apart from introducing Air Doctor, APC Tech boasts competitiveness in smart integrated control system. With these excellence achievements as the foundation, Kim succeeded to draw 300 million won investment through a cloud funding last May and is now ambitious to list the company in the KONEX by 2019 and the KOSDAQ by 2021.







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