'Great Life total aesthetic scalp care' leads K-beauty fever

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▲ CEO Park Seon Ju of Great Life aesthetic'

Start of scalp care for healthy, anti-aging care for hair and scalp 
The number of customers who visit special shops because of hair loss is increasing as many as those who visit special shops for skin trouble or diet. Hair loss is known to be caused by stress or environmental influences as well as genetic causes. Excessive work stress, dietary habits, and other reasons increase worries of people of modern days. Therefore the number of people who visit their own healing scalp care specialized shop is gradually increasing. As people receive skin treatment in aesthetic shops, scape care is also becoming an essential item. Therefore, Great Life has long been loved because of differentiated products from other companies through its scalp care management system. CEO Park Seon Ju of Great Life aesthetic launched 'Cindy Park' shampoo based on know-how from experiences and it is the center of attention in overseas markets as well as domestic markets. A challenge is issued to 'K-beauty's global new leap'. In fact, K-beauty has grown mainly in the markets of China and Southeast Asian countries. Therefore, Great Life Total Aesthetic Scalp Care started the engine for entering global market. CEO Park Seon Ju said "In leading K-beauty fever, differentiated technologies and excellent quality are the basics of the basics, and added that "We need to understand accurately the needs of consumers in Southeast Asia, and successful entering the markets in Southeast Asian countries is possible only when supported with the best quality."'Cindy Park' shampoo achieved the two goals of opening pores and calming scalp through clinical experiments of seven years. It chose the way of reducing the amount of sebum by adding vitamin b6 and calming scalp not by cleansing sebum in pores strongly. In addition, edelweiss callus culture extract is contained. Thin and weak hair, damaged hair, and sensitive scalp are given sufficient nutrients, and water holding capability of scalp and hair is enhanced to make scalp and hair strong. This is not the end. 'Cindy Park' shampoo focuses on the basics of shampoo which safely removes wastes. 'Cindy Park' shampoo has the face of CEO Park on it and uses the nickname of CEO. The reason is to convey the sincerity of shampoo. It is designed in a way that customers can trust. CEO Park Seon Ju explained that "We don't say using 'Cindy Park' shampoo would make hairs grow. But the shampoo prevents hair loss. Hair loss is usually caused by closed pores. We found out from clinical experiments for a long time that hair loss in early stages leads to cut of hairs but there are seeds alive in scalp. 'Cindy Park' shampoo is faithful to the role of freeing hairs trapped in sebum and dead skin cells and turning them into healthy ones." As this shows, CEO Park believes that sincerity works in overseas markets beyond Korea. In China and Southeast Asian countries, the perception about hair loss prevention is not that great yet, but it is expected to spread soon. With great products and competitive edge, efforts are being made to lead K-beauty Korean wave in Southeast Asian countries. CEO Park said that the prospect in overseas markets is very bright because 'Cindy Park' shampoo has aroma which everybody likes, fresh feeling, and real effects of preventing hair loss." Korea's aesthetic beauty industry is recognized for its technology. Great Life will lead K-beauty with know-how, thorough management and system, and differentiated technologies. 


Walking the right path of healing and beauty with my own total beauty care system
Great Life aesthetic has its headquarters in Banwoldang, Daegu. It is famous as a place where customers enjoy healing at a reasonable price through specialized system from head to toe such as skin, body, scalp hair loss. Through one-on-one customized program, Great Life is famous as a specialized total beauty shop which heals even the minds of customers with various programs which allow customers to choose programs depending on their concerns. CEO Park Seon Ju said that "We earned trust from customers by walking steadily only one path for 12 years while not forgetting the first vision of the company under the slogan of living a great life in the era of living to be 100 years old~~supporting great life of customers. We would like to present a great life of healing which care tired mind and body through differentiated total aesthetic scalp care system of Great Life." In addition, Great Life established a perfect education system to ensure that customers can receive the best service through regular education of staff members once a week. The strongest point is that not special techniques, but customized total service with sincere mind is being provided. This trustworthy management system makes this brand Korea's total beauty aesthetic shop model. Recently, as there are lots of review posted on the Internet, the beauty management method which reinterprets oriental therapy in a modern way makes the care system to receive attention even by foreigners. CEO Park Seon Ju said that "Through innovative programs which care not only scalp and hair, but also skin, we would like to communicate with customers. In addition, we would be able to provide total beauty care when a devoted line-up which listen to customers is built rather than simply establishing the company just by releasing a good product. We have built such line-up and we are still building. Now your great life has begun.", expressing confidence about know-how. We are confident that 'Great Life aesthetic' will have brighter future with the passion of CEO Park Seon Ju who ceaselessly work and research with staff members toward the goal of becoming the no. 1 in the world beyond becoming no. 1 in Korea. 

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