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▲ Kang Jung-kil, CEO of Lmeca

The innovative ‘Lmeca’ to shine its excellence in China
Lmeca is one of the K-Global 300 Enterprises and is the first medium sized medical equipment company which has drawn a letter of intent for joint venture worth KRW 3.3 billion won from Hunan Haiping International Investment Enterprise, an in-house acceleration company of the KIC China, in November 2017. As a result, Lmeca is moving fast to establish a joint corporation and a factory in Changsha, Hunan, China at the moment backed up by 32.5% technology support with 0% of its burden on investment since a renowned local investment firm is in charge of it. The reason Lmeca has come to the center of the attention is at its patented innovative medical equipment named ‘Lmeca’ that is must-needed for solving high dense fine dust issue in China. Lmeca is the world’s first medical suctioner that can reduce the pain of critically ill patients and it succeeded a cloud funding and drew a government fund of KRW 250 million won in Korea; the hardware and design have been completed and gathering big data which will be used for AI is at its final stage; it is expected to be released February or March next year in China. For this, the renowned local investment firm has promised an additional investment of KRW 65.2 billion won. 

From Lmeca to AIS-2000 and bedsore matt
Lmeca CEO Kang Jung-kil spent 6 years for research to develop ‘Lmeca’. As a portable suctioner, Lmeca embraces AI-type suction and ketosteril; Kang found out that katheter attached to bronchial mucous causes pain and infection and Lmeca, therefore, is designed to improve this. Lmeca analyzes the breathing of the patient 24 hours and measures the amount of sputum, oxygen saturation and pulse frequency; and it carries on the removal procedure when there is sputum in order to protect the weakened mucous membrane of the patient; the suction catheter also is automatically flushed when finishing the suction to prevent the secondary infection while the automated balloon adjustment system of the suctioner and the oxygen installment option can prevent emergency situation like dyspnoea occurring during the suction procedure. With these innovative functions, Lmeca has passed the electric safety tests from a public institution and a license to sell, as well as hospital user suitability from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Kang predicts more than 70 million globally prospective users of the automated sunctioners, domestic sales of KRW 3 billion won within this year considering the 380,000 patients with severe conditions, and 10 times yearly growth when released in China early next year. Kang has applied 36 patents to be obtained of which 15 have been already registered. Currently, Kang is working on the AI portable suctioner called AIS-2000 and an automatic body posture change bedsore matt. 

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