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▲ Park Min-gu, CEO of BeRM International

Introducing ‘EF-2001’, a heat treated dead lactobacillus
BeRM Group is a company that boasts its global level dead lactobacillus culture technique. Lactobacillus viable cell removes harmful bacteria and forms metabolite when eaten in the state of freeze dehydration; dead lactobacillus, on the other hand, is not affected by gastric acid or heat like lactobacillus and it reaches the bowel without a loss. Dead lactobacillus is known to improve the bowel functions, release harmful bacteria, help intestinal regulation and strengthen immunity. While BeRM Group has the topnotch technology in the field of dead lactobacillus research and development, BeRM International was established in Korea for the global marketing of the products. And the BeRM Group’s patented ‘EF-2001’ is the most famous result of this R&D. EF-2001 is rich in BRM, a substance that helps activation of white blood cell, and it has proved to be good for atopy, anti-cancer and anti-tumor by its research papers published at a number of academic journals in Japan and Europe for the last 20 years. It is reported that 1g of EF-2001 contains 7.5 trillion units of lactobacillus, the largest number in the world. BeRM International CEO Park Min-gu points out the importance of balanced immunity as weak immunity invites diseases while excessive immunity invites atopy and allergies; and EF-2001 plays a role to balance the immunity. He also points out that it can be applied to any kinds of products since the lactobacillus is dead and thus makes processing, distribution and intake of the product easy. 

‘BeRM Telacto’ soon to release
The BeRM Group chairman Iwasa Toshiro has carried on his research on what makes our body healthy for the last 40 years alongside running three hospitals. The reason he opened BeRM International in Korea is to spread this radioactivity-free lactobacillus to the world. The lactobacillus product lines of BeRM Group strictly go through immunity function activation test as well as comparison activation test with the anti-cancer medicine OK432; a product must show more than 70% of cytokine activity to pass the final stage before releasing on the market; no additives are mixed and it does not cause any allergy reaction due to its pure culture technique. Thanks to this excellent technique, BeRM Group has been chosen for the High Tech Accompanied Project by the Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance. As a result, the company was offed a free use of a land in Gwangwon Province for the next 50 years, on which it already has built a factory; the factory is expected to release Korean-type EF-2001 possibly within this year. To maximize the marketing effect, BeRM International has actively engaged in international exhibitions held at Las Vegas (US), Malaysia, Switzerland, and Guangzhou and Shanghai (China) and as a result EF-2001 currently is being supplied to 50 companies. Park is confident to draw around 100 business contracts within this year and is ambitious to achieve yearly KRW 10 billion won sales from next year. Following the big hit of EF-2001, BeRM International is now busy preparing to release BeRM Telacto (tentative) in July this year to create yet another sensation. 

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