Introducing Daebak Twisted Doughnuts

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▲ Jeong Dong-young, CEO of Mabubsa Food

Inventing a fryer and a pressure mold
Twisted doughnuts have been loved by many Koreans around street markets and vendors over 100 years. Proving his expertise at twisted doughnut making, Jeong Dong-young established Mabubsa (wizard) Food to introduce ‘Daebak (jackpot) Twisted Doughnuts by using dough made of sticky rice and corns instead of flour and starch. The doughnuts are still crispy and soft even after they became cold and you can choose a variety of tastes from sticky rice and red bean to cream cheese and sweet potato as well as handmade sausage hot dogs as a side. CEO Jeong invented a fryer loaded with a range hood and a dust collector as well as a twisted doughnut pressure mold that reduced the procedure by half the time and that holds the crust from falling down; this has made the all the process of twisted doughnut making clean and efficient. In order to save the moisture of the dough from soaking down, Jeong also uses an acrylic chopping board instead of a wooden board which is another secret of the crispy and soft taste. 

Small capital business-friendly
According to Jeong, the head office store in Mapo District makes around KRW 700,000 won a day but over a million at weekends. You can find a store in Dongdaemun District, Sanggye-dong, Seokgye Station, Suyu-dong, Bupyeong-dong, Magok and a number of department stores and marts while Amsa-dong, Hwaseo-dong (Suwon) and Geoje Island are to open soon. You don’t need to pay the membership fee but a little sum of training fee to join the business; a support is provided from the head office for location, interior and exterior, kitchen utensils, and supplying of materials and ingredients and it normally costs you no more than KRW 30 million won in total to start a business. If you are worrying about the cooking skill, a 2 week course will equip you with the necessary skills so you just put aside the worry. What makes the business promising above all, however, is at its competitive price; one twisted doughnut is only KRW 1,000 won and offered at 3,000 won for four; it is the price that even children might easily afford. When asked about his future plan, Jeong said with a firm determination that he would open 50 stores by the end of the year but up to 100 in a long term perspective. Meanwhile, Jeong is saving 5% of the profits to create a resting place near a cancer center one day to help children suffer from cancer as his youngest son once suffered from the same disease. 

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