Seacret Direct KOREA unveiles the secret of the Dead sea

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▲ Kim Jin-hee and Park Se-hoon, the mother-son Diamonds of Seacret Direct Korea

Developed by the brother CEOs Moty Ben Shabat and Izhak Ben Shabat, the Dead Sea skin care and best natural beauty products brand ‘SEACRET’ has grown today to be sold at 600 stores in 40 countries and also through global network marketing channels. A story goes that Cleopatra used salt and mud of the Dead Sea to nurture her beauty and SEACRET indeed is received as a result of scientific combination of the mineral of the sea and cutting edge technology today. The company opened seacret Direct Korea in 2012 and achieved massive KRW 154 billion won sales last year. 


Kim Jin-hee Diamond

We face a mountain time to time on walking the road. If we are not to give up, we have to either detour or climb over it to reach the destination. What is higher than mountain, however, is the mountain in our mind; and what made a teacher to be as successful a Diamond today was this overcoming the inner mountain. “I was rather doubtful about cosmetics in line of network marketing but meeting my sponsor Crown Royal Jung Hee-ja built in me the confidence in excellence of  SEACRET and its transparent management. It was a moment of enlightenment that a person with nothing can have something when provided a right company, business platform, product and trustworthy sponsor. And I achieved my dream of being ‘a happily rich’ who also has a heart to share it with other people.” Sharing of wealth in fact is the vision of SEACRET, adds Kim. 


Park Sae-hoon Diamond

The vision of sharing wealth not only captivated Kim but also her son with various career backgrounds from shoe engineering to marketing and fashion. Joining the business, Park made the most of his talent ‘diligence’ and rapidly grew as a trustworthy partner of his mother with his own vision to prepare for the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution. “I’ve had a habit of thinking things over at the closing of the day since joining SEACRET to find out who I am and what drives me forward. Truthfulness above all has already been most important.” He adds “You don’t need any connections or experience but just a will to succeed as SEACRET protects you like a seatbelt and drives you forward to the mutual goal of sharing the wealth.”

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